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Pilates Progressions Program


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Get all your questions answered! This is a Q&A for the Pilates Progressions Program through Personalized Pilates.

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Get all your Pilates questions answered! This is a question and answer time for the Pilates Progressions Program. Katrina Foe will answer live and submitted questions from Pilates teachers in training.
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Lots of fun questions on topics such as: how to work with shin splints what the BASI block system is and how it compares to BB maximizing your equipment with creative classes using props with scoliosis and much more!!!

How Pilates helps bodybuilders, how to modify for obesity, working with reverse curving tailbones, how to progess with sciatica or other SI dysfunctions, how to work with rotator cuff problems, a couple of client case studies and more - all on... more

Great questions tonight on topics such as scoliosis, how far to push clients, going into business with others, hip replacement contraindications (posterior versus anterior approach of surgery), gait analysis, neck rotation in Chest Expansion,... more

Larry joins us tonight to answer questions about setting pricing rates. Also discussed was the hamstring's role in spine flexion particularly in the tendon stretch. Lastly, we covered how to determine what to do for continuing... more

Lots of anatomy tonight including: Working with clients that can't do flexion OR extension Finding the imbalance in SI slippage Working with asymmetries from right to left Rehabing knee surgery with ACL and meniscus repairs Working... more

Controversial topics included! Tonight we discussed reversing osteoporosis and how nutrition and digestion can play a huge role. WHY?? You have to always ask why as you try to get to the root of the issue! We also discussed low back pain,... more

Topics covered tonight include: Dealing with clients working out in other ways in addition to Pilates How to use the Functional Footprints What is a Dowager's Hump and how is it different than Kyphosis? How to work with Osteopenia in... more

Very thoughtful questions on the following topics: How to integrate other instructor's differences in choreography What are risers for and why do some Reformers not have them? Why it's so hard to sit up straight How to allow for... more

Awesome questions tonight - thanks for sending them in! How to work with someone post op from a discectomy Mechanics of the plank position and how to work effectively to increase serratus anterior strength How to use the Pilates... more

Tonight we had great questions and answers on working with HUGE Diastasis Rectis and what to expect in terms of compensation when looking for a job.