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Have gun will shoot

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Perry Steele

Perry Steele


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Personally,I don't think there is any legislation that on any level of government the can stop gun violence.This nation was born in gun fire.Listen to the star spangle banner which sings of violence.

Some Americans have been duped,by people like Alex Jones to think this government intends to take every citizens weapons.It's a lie,yet this country has exercised it's authority to restrict,and take weapons from criminals,and those who are felons as well as voter rights.As a matter of fact,America takes whatever it wants from it's citizens,it takes your money, property. freedom, children and has the authority to take your life.

President Obama has done and continues to make fools of the opposition just like he has done to the NRA,the advertising arm of the gun manufacturers,which sole purpose is to sell more deadly weapons to paranoid gun owners.Many of which guns are taken by family members and used in killings across this nation.

Children as young as two years old are shooting themselves with their parents weapons.People who lay their firearms around the house like you and I would lay a cell phone around.

Irresponsible gun owners who do not secure their weapons,and many of them don't report them stolen or missing because they don't have a license or registration for the guns.

Tonight we look at historical presidential,executive orders in the pass to regulate guns that have fail to curb gun violence.This is a nation of sportsmen,hunters and killers where the human being hunting season is all year long.

Over 900 people have died since Sandy Hook shooting,and more murders are occurring everyday..A southern Whiteman once told me it was his people culture to enslave,murder,rape and dehumanize people not his color.Look at the history of America,and see how it is the culture of violence.

You are welcome to comment and open conversation as well tonight.