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Tonight is a special show because you are required to have a pencil and paper to record some eye opening information I want you to know.Also,the main stream media is not telling you who is more of a threat to America and it's not Iran.We'll go around the world and back.So sit back and learn some new infomation you never realized.Oh by the way,some of you that have known me may already know the subjects.
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Tonight I want to get this show more listeners and callers.So what I intend to do is send out a open call to you and your friends and family,on social media,and email to help me be better than I was before I left in 2013.I listened to a recent... more

don't know what's happening on BTR

As the main stream media is losing the minds and deisions of many of the American listners,the truth has come out from hiding.There are a few main streamers who are interested in providing quality reporting,but Alternative Media... more

If you know me then you understand "Clip Dump".That is where I play news clip from around the nation and the world just for you.

Hey the conversation was too good to let go.So let's do another hour and feel free to call in.

Hey I'm late but the show must go on.Tonight we'll do news clips and open conversation.

Let me start by saying how gratful I am too many of you as friends.You been with me through thick and thin,sun up and sun down.Now it's our time to shine.I don't know how long,I'll be here but the time I have,I'm going to make the most of... more

Monday Night The President will take to the air waves & explain how and why TEAM USA began A offensive military action from battle ships against Libya. He will explain in detail just who, what, when, why & what we are doing entering... more
Perry Steele

The end of the chat room as you know it.

  • by Perry Steele
I intend to start a new trend in Blogtalkradio history,by not having a chat room.My show is designed for people who want to express yourself and not have to worry with what's going on in the chat room.If you feel the need to contact me after... more

I've proven my point that this President does not know what he's doing pretaining to the oil spill.And some would say he intentionally wants to destory America.For two months i demanded we get outside help with the spill and it seems 12... more
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