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Humanity Incorporated

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
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            We peel back the onion on this one by exposing the ever-increasing corporate control over every aspect of our lives.  And, they seem to be losing ground and risking dangerous exposure to their thinly hidden agenda; profit at all costs.   They use our own institutions against us to insure an increasing flow of profit to the puppeteers pulling their secret strings.  Not greedy fat cats with faces stuffed with smoldering cigars in dingy back rooms, but everyday investors who ignore the dire costs often inflicted on humanity to increase their portfolios.  Pastors, professors, and politicians, all, also dance to their carefully orchestrated symphony of deceit and greed. It is not some slick antichrist that is dispensing death and destruction all over the world.  Nor is there some red-skinned, yellow-eyed, satanic figure with horns and a pitchfork chanting incantations over some bloody sacrificial corpse in an underground cavern.  The true destruction of our environment and our quality of life is being managed by lobbyists, private equity firms, bankers, energy giants, and a military, corporate, congressional alliance the world only considered future fiction just a few years ago.  The only hope we have is an undeniable fact.  The greatest blast of hatred and greed can't cause even flicker the tiniest flame of love.  But a single spark of love can destroy the greatest evil and change the course of humanity.