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    The Sharpening 027: Gonzo Shimura and Age of Deceit 2

    in Christianity

    Tonight we welcome to the show Gonzo Shimura to talk about his new film, Age of Deceit 2: Alchemy and the Rise of the Beast Image. We get into a wide variety of topics centered around eschatology, emerging technology, and the ancient past. We discuss some very important subjects that will play into every Christian's life in the very near future. 

    Gonzo Shimura - www.facelikethesun.com

    Canary Cry Radio - www.canarycryradio.com

    For more info, products, or to help support the show, visit www.ministudyministry.com



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    Self-Sustained Protectorate: Fighting Deceit and Priestcraft

    in Politics

    In today's show, I discuss the deception in society at large, and I also discuss the pitfalls of Priestcraft. Deception is a combination of 3 verbal techniques: LIE (a fact inserted into a narrative that is not true), SOPHISTRY: (the omission of facts from a narrative), and FALSE DICHOTOMY (dichotomy meaning a comparison between two or more things, and it is made false by one or more sides being portrayed with sophistry and/or lie). The use of DECEPTION combined with DISTRACTION = MANIPULATION. Manipulation leads to COERCION, or forcing somebody to do something against their will. So, DECEPTION (LIE+SOPHISTRY+FALSE DICHOTOMY) when combined with DISTRACTION = MANIPULATION which leads to COERCION. The opposite of this is when the TRUTH leads to COMMITMENT which leads to COMPULSION, or somebody being compelled to do something should they chose to do so rather than coerced. The difference between on equation and the other is that the first equation assumes there is no agency (free will) among men, and the second equation assumes that men have always had agency (free will) and act on that. Elitists use the first equation throughout society in an attempt to continuously control it and move their agenda. Media outlets are routinely ripe with deception and manipulation, and so are other institutions in society such as mass religion.

    Priestcraft is defined as the selling of the Word of God for money or some other financial gain or incentive. Most of the religious organizations on the face of the planet exercise Priestcraft which is specifically forbidden in the Holy Scriptures and forbidden by Jesus Christ, yet false religions continue to preach lies to their flocks. In like manner, media outlets that accept money, donations, and other forms of gratuity are guilty of exercising their own form of Priestcraft where hosts they set themselves up to be a light to the world in order to keep their bills paid. Taking money to preach the truth causes corruption.

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    Life in the Fast Lane Ep9: Deceit,Friendship, &Vulnerability

    in Entertainment

    Make sure to Tune in to my episode of Monday's Life in the Fast Lane via Tempting with Tatachious @11pm est.

    Life in the Fast Lane consist of Multiple Topic's: Celebrity Gossip,Nationwide New's, Daily Trending Topic's,and you're daily dose of Entertainment!

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    The Age of Deceit

    in Paranormal

    Tonight, I will be talking with the creator of the Internet video sensation: The Age of Deceit - Fallen Angels And The New World Order, Mr. Gonzo "Gonny" Shimura and his Canary Cry Radio co-host "Basil." 

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    Michael Hough's Empire Strikes Back: FCRCC gives voters the finger

    in News

    A special edition of A Miner Detail. 

    Join host Ryan Miner on BlogTalkRadio for his show, A Miner Detail, this Friday, January 9 at 8:00 p.m. for an hour-long discussion about the Frederick County Republican Central Committee's District 4 vacancy process. 

    The will of the people in Frederick County has been subverted, and Michael Hough's carefully-planted allies on the Frederick County Republican Central Committee have turned Frederick County upside down and defied the same people who elected them into their positions. Michael Hough's wife, JoeyLynn Hough, is the Chairman of the Frederick County Republican Central Committee; this is political cronyism at its worst! 

    We'll talk about: 

    Secret Meetings
    Wendi Peters 
    Simple Math and Logic
    The HoughZali entity 
    Protests and Passion
    Carroll County's Republican Central Committee and their impending decision. Will they take a different approach or follow the herd? 

    ***NOTE: I invited Michael Hill, a Frederick County Republican Central Committee member and Hough ally, to join the show to talk about the process. As of 11:05 a.m. on Thursday, January 8, I have heard no response from Mr. Hill. 

    Please join me and other guests for an action-packed show about backroom meetings, deceit, lies and political vendettas 

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    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

    in Politics

    "And yet to every bad there’s a worse."

    “Thomas Hardy”

    (Criminal Minds)


    Today’s Guest:

    Thomas Fortenberry, TLW Senior Producer

    Bernard Roe, Vice President Charlotte Mecklenburg Chapter-NCBLC;                                                            TLW Associate Producer                                                               

    Randy Voller, Chair North Carolina Democratic Party

    Michael Evans, Chair Fresno County Democratic Party

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    The ALFO Show Urban Progressive Politics The Lynch Hearing

    in Politics Progressive



     Tonight:  "Hearing from The Most Powerful Actor in the Criminal Justice System"

    She owned the KKKlowns as they came one by one, attempting to paint the shadows with POTUS and AG Holder. But she OWNED them. Enough to brag of her VERY OWN Barnum&Bailey Show.

    "Serving HOT Grits with his Politics"

    ” The Nexus of Politics, Truth and Common Sense”

    The ALFO Show is real political talk radio. Political issues and personalities, controversies, lies and deceit. The games, failures and shenanigans of Washington and beyond. 

    TruthWorks Network
    LIVE and CALL-IN (914) 338-1610 

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    Follow ALFO on Twitter: @alfo8 #JustDamn
    Email: alfo@truthworksnetwork.com

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    T.C.L.C.W talks with expert Lotus on all things UCC! Dont Miss Out!

    in News

    The Common Law Court Of Wales On The Freedom Talk Radio Network

    Email  thecommonlawcourtofwales@outlook.com

    The aim of the common law court of Wales is  an open forum. Discussing solutions for the injustices’ forced upon us all by an unaccountable government that no longer represents the interests of the people.

    Government instead represents odious private corporate interests which facilitate them in thieving our land, our resources, our labour, time and energy. Even our children are bought and sold within this debt slave system which is enforced by colour of law. A system, of fear, fraud and deceit and other dishonourable tactics, is employed by the corporate slave masters and their puppet government and agents.


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    The Gates of Spiritual Progression; the Process of Sanification Pt. 5

    in Religion

    God is a recorder of names


    The Dung Gate spiritual meaning is that sin, which is smelling bad and destroys, our heart and mind, must be put away, by dying of the flesh. In wandering of the life of the faith, we must face concretely issues, which must put away from the heart. Those issues are example: Mt 15:19 For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: Mr 7:21 For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, 22 Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness:23 All these evil things come from within, and defile the man.

    All these evil things come from the heart, and defile the man. All sins, which live in the heart, of a man must die. The Holy Spirit renews our mind, and affect rejection towards sin. We are not going to be perfect, in our wandering, but we will die to our flesh, and grow in righteousness.



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    in Spirituality

    Searching for the answers to life's mysteries? So are we. Let's look for them together. Join us as we try to cut through the lies and deceit on the way to enlightenment. Don't let The New World Order seperate YOU from your OWN Divinity!

    Tonight, are WE are own guides and time travelers? is it US that moves along the timeline in our ethereal form to advise and guide our own lives? Robert Monroe thought so, and a recent event in my own life has given me pause on this subject. Lets flesh it out!

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    The Helios Biblios (the book of the sun) Hour / The Trickster Gods

    in Current Events

    Tricksters are among the most entertaining characters in world mythology. Usually male, they delight in breaking rules, boasting, and playing tricks on both humans and gods. Most tricksters are shape-changers who can take any form, though they often appear as animals. Tricksters play a prominent role in African and Native American mythologies. But one of the world's greatest and most interesting trickster figures is not only a god, but a god of high metaphysical content. He is Eshu-Elegbara, one of the orisha, the West African deities that are worshiped in many related forms across African and the African diaspora in the New World.While he embodies many obvious trickster elements-- deceit, humor, lawlessness, sexuality--Eshu-Elegbara is also the god of communication and spiritual language. He is the gatekeeper between the realms of man and god.Black Americans were forced to hide their deities or dress them up in Catholic garb, while whites cut themselves off from all but the most superficial appreciations of those African cultural values that managed to survive.Seth, the Pig, the Ass, is always Playing Games with Others For his own Benefit. Seth was a (Female) Trickster God. Later he is transformed into a Serious, Clever, Mischievous Male Creature, who tries to survive the Dangers and challenges of the world using Trickery and Deceit as a defense. Seth is the God who needs Power to cover his own Fear for the God of the Gods. In the Christian Faith Seth/Pan, the God of Nature, was transformed into the Red Angel of Evil, Lucifer, Satan (Set-Hen).He is the Lord of the Red Sahara Desert, Master of the Thunders Storms, Disorder, Darkness and Warfare. Seth is the Cause of the Change of the Climate that destroyed the Green Sahara, the Garden of Eden. Seth is also the Cause of the Great Deluge.


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