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Christmas, Jesus & the Sandy Hook Massacre

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Could a Wave of Forgiveness Sweep America?

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre, many ask what possible rationale exists for unprovoked evil killing of the most innocent in the bloodiest way imaginable. As some commentators have pointed out, evil has always existed and has no simple explanation. Further, the killer seemed to suffer from an abundance of mental problems which many have used to explain away the deadly assault.

And yet something much bigger is involved in this tragedy. Most American adults are aware that our culture has morphed into something entirely different in just a few decades. And these changes have resounded across our country in many unpleasant and alarming ways. The change is signally related to our national religion, how we communicate, and to what extent the counter-culture has been allowed to deliver a violent, degrading, antisocial and nihilistic world view. This, in addition to the recession of the church into the shadows, has allowed the culture of revenge to blot out Christ’s role model of forgiveness. Such is the real meaning of Christmas—potential for peace on earth, and the Savior who came to bring peace to the world and light into darkness. On this, Isaiah and the Apostle John agree.