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    Christmas, Jesus and Santa and the Veblen effect!

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    This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will have fun with Christmans, Jesus, Santa and Veblen effect. How are you handling the Christmas spirit now that you not only don't believe in Santa, but you don't believe in Jesus either? Are you still mortgaging the farm just to pay for Christmas? What does Christmas mean to you?

    Why are we caught up in the glitter of expensive things? Is more expensive always better? With shows like "Lifestyles of The Rich And Famous" and "Cribs" have we lost out way? Are we going and staying debt just to show that we've made it?

    Lets talk about that here on The Fruit!

    Call in at 347-202-0492 or Skype to participate and/or just listen

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    Presents Gifts Food Drink Christmas Celebration

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    Giving or Receivng which descrives you for Christmas. Do you like the giving or receiving? Callers will share which one is for them and why. Why they give and why they like receiving during the Christmas season. Some may like both giving and receiving and tell why each is important to them. Let us celebrate the king of king and Lord of Lord inour heart and the spirit of him

    Jesus in the Morning brings a different topic or speaker daily.

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    Your Explanation of Christmas Each Year

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     Christmas many says Christ Must Come meaning Jesus had to come in the flesh to earth to show that God loves every man, woman, boy and girl. The believer knows every thing that was made has been made for God's pleasure. What is your explanation of December 25? Some belive it is another day in the year, some believe it was the birthday of God son Jesus, there are those who don't care they celebrate every holiday because of the parties and good time.

    Jesus in the Morning brings a different topic or speaker daily.

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    The First Christmas

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    Can you retell the story of the first Christmas without reading it? While everyone is making their requests known to Santa Clause and buying toys, their children don’t need, it’s no wonder how we often forget the story of the first Christmas. On my Christmas tree, I have an ornament that says Jesus is the Gift. Do you believe this is true? Is the story of redemption for all humanity the real gift or have we lost sight of the true meaning of Christmas?

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    The Lost Christ of Christmas

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    Join us at Born Again Baptist Church Sunday morning, December 14, 2014 as we receive the Message, "The Lost Christ of Christmas." We will learn how we can lose Christ and how we may find Him again. If you can't be with us, listen in Live or to the recording here. Our Pastor is Bill Lawson.

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    Church Service 62 (Jesus is coming soon!!!)

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    Salvation In Jesus Ministry    Hello, this is Evangelist Nathaniel. I am the Pastor of Salvation In Jesus Ministry. We pray that this radio blog be a blessing to all who will listen to it. We believe that Jesus Christ is God and He's the Lord of Lord's and King of King's. We believe that Jesus is the only way of salvation. Our mission is to lift Jesus up HIGH, preach the CROSS, win souls for the Kingdom of God, edify the believers, and prepare souls for the coming of the Lord.

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    Tenth Show - Disciples for Jesus Christ

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    The kingdom of Heaven

    Study Matt 13 – Grounds; Wheat and Tares; Mustard Seed; Hidden Treasure; Pearl of Great Price

    -Body Of Christ – Which one are you in the kingdom of heaven?

    -Read Matt 13:1-9 – 4 Types of Ground

    -Read Matt 13: 10-17 – Purpose of Parables

    -Read Matt 13:18-23 – Explanation of the 4 types of Grounds

    -Read Matt 13:24-30 – Wheat and Tares

    -Read Matt 13:31-32 – Mustard Seed

    -Read Matt 13:33 – Leavened

    -Read Matt 13:34-35 – Prophecy and Parables

    -Read Matt 13:36-43 – Explanation of the Wheat and Tares and Rev 3:7-13 – The faithful Church

    -Read Matt 13:44-46 – Hidden Treasure and the Pearl of Great Price

    -Are you God pleasers from your heart or man pleasers?
    No in motive your heart to get things from God but truly loving God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.

    -Both the righteous and unrighteous will be in operation until Jesus returns.  You have to decide which one you want to be in His Kingdom.

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    Eleventh Show - Disciples for Jesus Christ

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    Kingdom of Heaven

    Study Matt 18 – Body of Christ – Which one are you in the kingdom of heaven?

    - Read Matt 18:1-5 – Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?

    - Read Matt 18: 6-9 – Offenses

    - Read Matt 18:10-14 – The Lost Sheep

    - Read Matt 18:15-20 – Handling offense with a sinning brother

    - Read Matt 18:21-35 – Unforgiving Servant

    -  Read Matt 5:7 The merciful

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    Christmas 2014

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    In a remote corner of the Roman empire two Roman subjects are on their way to take part in a mandatory census. This trip will change the world. 

    Our final show of the year is all about Christmas and the most important birthday in the history of our humanity. 

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    I grew up believing in Santa Claus...what about you?

    Take a winter wonderland walk through the Bible with Host Darrell Hykes, as he investigates the origin of Santa Claus

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