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Examining current politics over the background of history, religion and law.

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Will the hate of Trump endure forever?

OPEN REBELLION AGAINST TRUMP THREATENS AS OBAMA AFO GROUP SENDS 30K TRAINED PROTESTERS INTO THE FIELD: In one surreal moment after the next, the American Left has allowed itself to be whipped up into... more

Trump gives greatest news conference in history?

US spies reportedly keeping intelligence from Trump Sensitive intelligence is being withheld from President Trump by U.S. intelligence officials because they are reportedly concerned that the information could be compromised. WSJ... more

What happened with Gen Flynnn represents a frightening development. Every American should be highly concerned at the potential ?normalization? of the tactics used by unnamed government officials to do Flynn in. Flynn's ouster after... more

The heads have begun to fall. Michael Flynn, top nat security resigned. This was all self-inflicted for lying. But it does bring the sense that some chaos remains in camp trump. Further that you can get FIRED! From this administration.... more

Some 200,000 Americans in Oroville CA and related areas are being evacuated from nearby Dam in CA and its surrounding areas ahead of emergency spillway failure at Oroville Dam on Sunday. Officials warned of "imminent failure" within... more

HOLDING PRESERVING BAN EXCERPTS: "Rather than present evidence to explain the need for the Executive Order, the Government has taken the position that we must not review its decision at all. We disagree," the judges wrote. "In... more

OBAMACARE TUMOR & UNELECTED JUDGES: GOP Doing nothing on Obamacare? What are Republicans going to do about Obamacare? ‘No idea.' The Obamacare repeal effort was already in unstable condition. Now its... more

Ever since Donald Trump began to surge as a candidate last year, Christians have been pointing to the book of Isaiah and comparing Trump with the ancient Persian king Cyrus. Some have even claimed that God has revealed to them... more