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Examining current politics over the background of history, religion and law.

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Hillary, doing the funky robot!! In her mind-numbingly boring speech, the wanna-be Prez & Dem leftist sounded like a poorly programmed -- and at times downright angry -- robot. Hillary was like an angry robot looking for humans to... more

Last night I wanted to vomit...when I saw Obama give hug Hillary a giant lingering hug after his speech promoting her. Is this an understandable reaction? I believe most folks in America, even those who grudgingly support HRC as the... more

Hitlery -- First ever female prez candidate in US history is about all the good you can say...

In the days leading up to the GOP convention, the only narrative was discord as the MSM relentlessly hit this theme. But now we are in Philly with the Dems & all Hades has broken out. The Party Chair -- Debbies Wasserman Schultz has... more

On the day before the 2016 Democrat Convention, Debbie Wassermqan Schultz, head of the DNC and roundly disliked by both parties has been suddenly forced to resign. The provocation were emails, perhaps 20,000, hacked out of DNC HQ... more

The Donald took on incompetence, corruption and evil in his speech, and some are calling his oration close to a masterpiece. He was at turns touching, riveting, demanding, scornful, and accusatory. But the Donald was also attempting to... more

Ted Cruz -- A One-Man Party!!! Or how to get booed of a stage in 1 easy step. Last night, the third of the GOP convention, Ted Cruz delivered his long-awaited speech for Donald Trump's Nomination. While he did congratulate Trump for his... more

Going into last night of GOP Convention...does anyone care that Melania's speech was "borrowed," if it was?

It's finally here...the GOP convention. Media Critics, undoubtedly twisted by their far left fantasies, predicted total chaos. Instead, we had a controlled yet lively presentation, punctuated by some honorable yet misguided zealotry of the... more

As the drama of repeated cop shootings continues to unfold, Americans are left with a mystery and a conundrum. How is the peaceful protest group BLM associated with these killings, happening right in their midst? And how do the... more