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Examining current politics over the background of history, religion and law.

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The Donald took on incompetence, corruption and evil in his speech, and some are calling his oration close to a masterpiece. He was at turns touching, riveting, demanding, scornful, and accusatory. But the Donald was also attempting to... more

Ted Cruz -- A One-Man Party!!! Or how to get booed of a stage in 1 easy step. Last night, the third of the GOP convention, Ted Cruz delivered his long-awaited speech for Donald Trump's Nomination. While he did congratulate Trump for his... more

Going into last night of GOP Convention...does anyone care that Melania's speech was "borrowed," if it was?

It's finally here...the GOP convention. Media Critics, undoubtedly twisted by their far left fantasies, predicted total chaos. Instead, we had a controlled yet lively presentation, punctuated by some honorable yet misguided zealotry of the... more

As the drama of repeated cop shootings continues to unfold, Americans are left with a mystery and a conundrum. How is the peaceful protest group BLM associated with these killings, happening right in their midst? And how do the... more

ANOTHER Jihad attack in France. Of course, since tehre is no end to death in this world there is no end to Jihad. This time the killers plowed trough a MILE of revelers for Bastille Day...for the beginning of the French Revolution. This is... more

Can Hillary continue to defy gravity with disaster after disaster? No, she's now plumetting in the polls. Beware the Donald!

When evil goes unchallenged, like voter intimidation by NBP, more follows. Same group stopped white voters from voting then shot white cops during a BLM. Are NBPs a special group under their own rules? Or a paramilitary organization... more

Who is ultimately behind the attacks upon cops across America? Obama looks down on cops with revolutionary rhetoric in his speeches. Of course it's not his fault....nothing ever is. Black lives matter!

Now that Hillary has been cleared, the real prez race begins...