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Choices with Judi Moreo

Choices...with Judi Moreo


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Life is about choices (professional, personal and emotional)! This groundbreaking show hosted by Judi Moreo addresses how to recognize the power of choices and the role they play in achieving the full potential within each of us regardless of our life circumstances.

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It's important to learn to say "No' when you want to say "No." Too many of us agree to do things we don't really don't want to do because we don't want to hurt someone's feelings. If you are allowing others to use up your precious time... more

There are many lessons to be learned in the School of Life. Some of us learn them early. Some never learn. Are you finding your mission in life? Do you think it is too late to do so? Tune in and listen as Choices host, Judi Moreo, talks... more

Why do we save things we never use? Why can't we turn loose? Why not just throw it away? What can we do? Join Choices host, Judi Moreo, author of You Are More Than Enough, as she explores the answers to these questions. This... more

Laughter is contagious. When laughter is shared, it creates a bond between the people laughing. When we see and hear people laughing, we sometimes laugh as well...even when we don't know what they are laughing about. Laughter helps us... more

If your self-esteem is suffering; if your confidence is failing; if you aren't feeling good about your life, you are your own worst enemy. The way you are talking to yourself is hurtful. The judgments you are making about who you are and what... more

When opportunity knocks, do you open the door? Or do you complain about the noise? Is opportunity a matter of perception? Do some people have all the luck? Are they randomly chosen? Or is it a result of what we create? Are... more

Things really do happen for a reason! If we are to survive and be happy with our lives, we need to believe that. We need to have faith that things will go as we want them to, that we will be safe, that we will have food, clothing, and shelter.... more

This program is part 5 in our series on what to do "When The Doctor says 'You Have Cancer'." This show may seem a bit woo-woo to some of you, but it is one of the most important shows you can listen to if you are traveling a cancer... more

The need for self-care is ever more prevelent today as the stresses of our competitive lifestyles take their toll on our bodies. With the right strategy, you can make the lifestyle changes necessary to become healthy and stay healthy. Join... more

Your immune system is your body's most important system. It is your defense against millions of bacteria, parasites, viruses, microbes, and toxins which are constantly attacking your body. It works 24/7 without you even paying any... more