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Life is about choices (professional, personal and emotional)! This groundbreaking show hosted by Judi Moreo addresses how to recognize the power of choices and the role they play in achieving the full potential within each of us regardless of our life circumstances.

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When you are on your right path, you will feel more complete. When you learn to accept yourself and go after your dreams and passions and focus on who you are and what you want to become, you will be on your right path. You are one very... more

Do you keep yourself together when everyone around you is falling apart? Do you know your weak points? Do you know what social situations embarrass you and how to handle them? Can you control your emotions? When you meet a new... more

Self-confidence doesn't come to anyone overnight. It's something we build over a period of time. We can always keep building it because there are always new people to meet and new situations to be a part experiences to enjoy.... more

Do you find there are certain hours of the day when you feel depleted of energy? Would you like to remain 'revved up,' clear headed, alert, and ready for anything all day long? Listen in to Choices as host, Judi Moreo, has some tips for you.... more

Are you getting what you really want out of life? Or are you just getting by? Goals open the door to positive self-esteem. Start now to establish the framework for your true talents and interests to grow and take shape. You can't gain... more

Many people feel life is a struggle and they are on the losing side. They often feel that everything and everybody is against them and the stress of just being alive is almost more than they can endure. What about you? Do you have stress that is... more

Who told us life would be easy? Why did some of expect that once we got out of high school, everything would run smoothly and all our dreams would come true? Why is it that at the end of the work week, some of us feel like a wrung out... more

Your body, in cooperation with your mind and spirit, is equipped with miraculous self-healing abilities. Your body is your temple of life. Your mind and spirit are the dwellers within the temple. Mind's intelligence and spirit's inspiration vitalize the... more

Do you need help creating the success you desire? IIf so, you probably need a mentor. Mentors are people who are where you desire to be, have the level of success you desire to have in your life and who are willing to support and... more

Travelers are easy targets for criminals. We are often so busy taking care of our luggage, tickets, and fellow travelers that we are not aware of our surroundings. Don't fall victim to those who are watching for you to be distracted, if only for a... more