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Life is about choices (professional, personal and emotional)! This groundbreaking show hosted by Judi Moreo addresses how to recognize the power of choices and the role they play in achieving the full potential within each of us regardless of our life circumstances.

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"If you always do what you always'll always get what you always got." Think about that! If you want something that you've never had; if you want to be someone that you don't feel you are; if you want to go somewhere that you've never been; if you want to do something you've never have to do something differently. Every day, we have an opportunity to do just that. If we want some changes in our lives; if we want it to be more than its ever been, then, we are going to have to make some choices that we've never made before. Choices host and award winning author of You Are More Than Enough: Every Woman's Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power, Judi Moreo, shares with you a five-step plan for succeeding at whatever it is you choose to tackle...whether it's a relationship, a career, or building an organization, Join Judi and learn how you can create the success you desire!
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?The person with a fixed goal, a clear picture of his desire, or an ideal always before him, causes it, through repetition, to be buried deeply in his subconscious mind and is thus enabled, thanks to its regenerative and sustaining power, to... more

Do you find it hard to be authentic? To show people who you really are? To expose your vulnerability? Do you ever wonder, ?If people knew who I really am, would they like me?? Where does that come from? Why do you feel that way?... more

Do you have so much stuff that you can't find things? Do you have problems with organization? Does it seem like when you leave your office or work space, your papers make baby papers? Are you consistently stressed out because you are... more

Are you sabotaging yourself? Do you have a habit of doing things that you know are not good for you? Do you eat junk when you are stressed? Do you shop although your credit cards are already overextended? Do you buy things you... more

Do you work or live with a person that makes the room better just by leaving? Yes, we all know them. Can you give enough positive attention to make their day? Maybe. Maybe not. Listen in as Choices host, Judi Moreo, author of ?You Are... more

Are there days when you don't want to go to work simply because you don't want to deal with some difficult person who works there? Do you get agitated when you pull into the parking lot and see ?his car?? Do you feel if this person would... more

There's no question that some of us have lives that are easier than others. All of us, at some point, will have an obstacle in life that we have to overcome. People deal with obstacles in one of two ways-- some people choose to focus on... more

We can't teach happiness. We can't make other people happy. We can't force people to be happy. We can't even create happiness by giving them material things. We certainly can't make someone else happy by giving up things in our... more

When you are on your right path, you will feel more complete. When you learn to accept yourself and go after your dreams and passions and focus on who you are and what you want to become, you will be on your right path. You are one very... more

Do you keep yourself together when everyone around you is falling apart? Do you know your weak points? Do you know what social situations embarrass you and how to handle them? Can you control your emotions? When you meet a new... more