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Frustrations of the Monogamous Man - The Doncalypso Experience

  • Broadcast in Romance



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Regardless of skin color, ethnic origin, education level, income, and/or social class, we often hear women in North America (particularly in the United States) complain that "a good man is hard to find," that "all men are dogs," that "all men cheat," and such other statements. Ironically, those same men who are the so-called "dogs" and cheaters attract the most women and rack up the highest number of sexual conquests whereas the monogamy-minded men who seek to find true lifelong commitment are ruled out as being "squares," "geeks," "lame" or other such derogatory and insulting terms.

All this attention is devoted on the so-called plight of women having a hard time finding a good man, but does anyone ever wonder what it's like for the monogamous man who just can't get a break? Does anyone ever bother to remotely consider such men as dating material, or is a man only considered a "good man" if he has "game" and "swagger"??? Is it even worth it for men to strive to be monogamous when men of character and integrity are so repulsive to the majority of North American women (especially in the black American community)?

Join the Men of Knowledge (Doncalypso, Purposed_1/Alvin III, and RoninSoul75) as they discuss the frustrations and challenges of being a monogamous marriage-minded man in today's cesspool that is the North American dating scene.