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    Monogamy: Outdated concept or necessary foundation

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    Join our host this Sunday 9pm est as they discuss the pros and cons of the conept of monogamy. Tune in as they tackle some of the difficult questions surrounding why people cheat, is monogamy unnatural, and is it worth trying to keep it in relationships in this day and age. Tune in online or call in to listen. Our host will delve deep into this conversation to give a heated yet entertaining discussion. Join the conversation with Urban Conversation Sunday nights 9pm est.

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    Marriage? Monogamy? Well, Maybe NOT!

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    Marriage is changing and so is monogamy. While it is a viable option for some, it clearly isn't for everyone (just look at the success of Ashley Madison - a site for cheaters). Patricia Johnson and Mark Michaels are the authors of Designer Relationships where they explore non-exclusive relationships, emotionally exclusive relationships, kinky relationships and so much more. Regardless of the relationship, monogamous or otherwise, the success of the relationship is based on trust and transparency.

    Website: www.MichaelsandJohnson.com 


    Designer Relationships 
    Great Sex Made Simple

  • Dating and Consensual Non-Monogamy

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    Consensual non-monogamy is often perceived as a couples activity. However, there are a good number of single men and women who participate in it. A single person participating in the swinging or polyamorous lifestyle faces many challenges that are unique to their un-coupled status.    


    Join Dr. T  and Devin Kent in welcoming a special guest who will discuss her journey as a single woman in the swinging lifestyle. In this episode, we will learn what she ultimately seeks in her consensual non-monogamous life and hear about some of the trials, tribulations, and pitfalls she, and other single people face when choosing this path. This is sure to be a thought provoking discussion for couples and singles alike! 

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    Does Monogamy Make Sense in 2015?

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    On THE RETURN OF INTELLIGENT RADIO we explore the concept of MONOGAMY in 2015.  MEN have historically been known to step outside of monogamous relationships, but in 2015 it seems as if WOMEN are stepping out just the same. IS THIS TRUE? Does the concept of MONOGAMY better a marriage or is it a human construct born out of a religion?  With so many SISTERS raising children alone, should POLYGAMY be an option?  For the MONEY & POWER 15 (11:00am-11:15am EST) we bring on financial expert, MARC RANGER, Regional VP of FORTUNE 500 company, to discuss the impact of BLACK FRIDAY BOYCOTTS on CORPORATE AMERICA.  These questions and many more explored as we continue TO ASK THE QUESTIONS AMERICA AFRAID TO ASK on the MENTAL DIALOGUE talk show.   

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    Bisexuality and Consensual Non-Monogamy

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    “Long term monogamy with a partner of either sex tends to destabilize bisexual identity narratives” - Eadie (1996).

    Bisexuality has an interesting place in society. Bisexual individuals get a lot of pressure to live heterosexual lives or homosexual lives, both groups not valuing the bisexual (or queer for that matter) identity. Individuals in the consensual non-monogamous world often see themselves as more accepting of diverse individuals. However, is this true? Is being bisexual in the consensual non-monogamous community "accepted" Join Dr. T and Devin Kent as they discuss bisexuality and the consensual non-monogamous world.

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    Breaks-Ups and Consensual Non-Monogamy

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    In the early 80s, Neil Sedaka sung "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do". His song was primarily about monogamous relationships, but his words are no less true for those who practice consensual non-monogamy. As a matter of fact, many feel a failed consensual non-mog relationship implies a failure in consensual non-monogamy. A failed relationship does not mean that a consensual non-monogamous lifestyle must end too. Join Devin Kent and Dr. T as they explore the difficulties and opportunities created by ending a consensual non-monogamous relationship.

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    Fear: The Death of Consensual Non-Monogamy

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    Join Devin Kent and Dr.T as they discuss fear being the death of our consensual non-monogamous live. Fear is an important emotion and can warn us of some very real dangers. However, it can also stop us from living through change. This is very true in consensual non-monogamy. If we can learn to handlle our greatest fears, our consensual non-monogamous lives can improve beyond our wildest dreams. Let's talk about how we can get over our greatest fears in consensual non-monogmy

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    Dr. Queen T: Black Love and Communication Series- Monogamy vs Polygamy

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    Dr. Queen T: Black Love and Communication Series- Monogamy vs Pologamy

    Peace and Black Family,

    Welcome to another episode of Do Tha Knowledge Radio. The place where Knowledge is Born. I am your host Knowledge Born Allah. This is our Black Love and Commuication Series hosted by the Righteous Black Goddess and warrior teacher Dr. Queen T. Do Tha Knowledge Radio is honored ad continually enriched by the contributions and continued support partnership along with the knowledge skills abilites and wisdom that is brought for by Dr. Queen T on a weekly basis. This episode is dedicated to the examination of polygamy and monogamy in the liberation or destruction of the Black nation. We will use an interactive dialogue approach to identify the pros and cons of both of these unions in the black community. As we begin Black History Month this is an excellent topic to begin our month. Join us we Do Tha Knowledge with Dr. Queen T Monday 2-1-16 at 2pm PST 4pm CST 5pm EST. Call in live to phone number 713-955-0707 nd press 1 with your questions or comments on this controversial subject . Here is the link to listen remotely:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dothaknowledgeradio/2016/02/01/dr-queen-t-black-love-and-communication-series-monogamy-vs-polygamy

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    Exercising Your No in Consensual Non-Monogamy

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    Sometimes it may seem hard to exercise your no in your consensual non-monogamous life. At times, we may have taken one for the team, expecting that our lovers will do the same for us. Other times, we do not know how express our desire for friendship without sex in consensual non-monogamy. Just because we live consensual non-monogamous lives does not mean we have to fuck everyone. Join Devin Kent and Dr. T as we take about exercising our no in our consensual non-monogamous lives. Should you miss this one? No!

  • Practicing Embodied Consensual Non-Monogamy

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    As humans, we often neglect a large source of knowledge in our lives. We are taught to pay attention to our thoughts and behaviors, sometimes our emotions. However we often forget that our spirits, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are all housed in our bodies. Often, if we were to listen to the various sensations of our bodies, we would be able to understand our spirits, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in a much more profound way. We may even have a better chance at changing our unwanted thoughts, emotions, and behaviors if we would only listen to our bodies’ knowledge. Ironically, in our sexual worlds, where we use our bodies often, we neglect to reflect on all of the knowledge our bodies have to offer. Join Devin Kent and Dr. T as we talk about embodied consensual non-monogamy.

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    Monogamy: Truth or Fairytale

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    Are humans hardwired to cheat? Is monogamy dead?  Today society is a hook up culture. The day of longtime marriages is dying. Marriage itself is a dying culture. Is monogamy a forever fairytale? Is it even natural for humans to be monogamous?

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