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Do Vanaras still Walk the Earth,Call to Ban my Books,Krsna's Birthday Celebrated

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Vaa - Nara? Is it a Man?
The ancient Vedic Scriptures speak of many mysterious races. Among these races the Vanaras stand out. Are they mere myth imagined by ancient poets? Or are they a living species that once roamed the entire planet? Who are the Vanaras? According to these sources the Vanaras played a central role at the epicenter of events specifically those events recorded in the Ramayana. By comparing Vedic descriptions of the Vanaras with descriptions of the various ape-like creatures from around the world, one scholar, Nilamani Kalia Robinson, may have solved the riddle.

This week Congress leader Digvijay Singh called for a ban of my book(s) 'Orissa in the Crossfire - Kandhamal Burning' and their varipus editions. Citing them as RSS ideology detrimental tot he communal harmony of the nation, the Minister labeled them as dangerous as Taliban literature. Ironically anyoe who actually read my work with a fair-mind will naturally agree with my conclusion. The`2009 US Report on Religious Freedom in India' clearly changed its conclusion from its 2008 report after reciept of my Orissa report. I am hopeful that people read this work and share its conclusions widely. Its available here free of charge. http://www.lulu.com/shop/brannon-parker/orissa-in-the-crossfire-kandhamal-burning/ebook/product-17373455.html

Lord Krishna's birthday is celebrated around the world. Tune in for these and other India-related news and views.