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Hindu Radio-Breaking the Sound Barrier is a show that enlightens and entertains. Vedic Culture, also known as Hinduism represents the world's most ancient, largest and ongoing civilization. It has always been, and remains to this day, a knowledge and information based tradition. Hindu Radio aims to share this vast wisdom with the World. Stay up to date with events taking place in India. Break through India's mainstream media blockade. Hear news and views India's mainstream media ignores or misrepresents. Tune in to learn about Hindu activities and events taking place around the world. Tune in and listen to interviews with key Hindu activists and other Hindus from around the world. Learn about the many current and ongoing projects within the Hindu community. Call in and speak with our hosts and guests. Hindu Radio is inspired by the ancient Vedic teaching highlighted in India's National Motto-Satyameva Jayate-Truth Alone Triumps.

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In this episode a brief India news roundup, India's stalled Pashupatinath Guest House, in Kashmir Shiva's Mace visits Shankacharya Temple and Durga, details on new Vedic Learning Initiatives by Tirupati reestablishing the ancient Vedic... more

Sound is at the basis of the entire creation

An important discovery was made by divers off the coast of Dwarka,India. They found an ancient official seal or emblem , that appears to collaborate the written history of Krishna ordering that no person enter his city of Dwarka without the... more

About 20,000 Amarnath pilgrims had Darshan and paid obeisance at the Shiva shrine cave on Thursday, July 7th. Around 170,000 pilgrims have performed the pilgrimage since it began June 29. While in Kashmir, Swami Agnivesh labelled... more

Media reports regarding the massive treasure found in a Vishnu Temple of South India have triggered a debate over the future control of the assets, which include diamonds, precious stones, gold and silver, some with antique and historic... more

On July 1st a vast treasure was found inside the vaults of the Sri Padmanabha Swami Vishnu Temple making Padmanabha the richest deity in the world. Temple rep VK Harikumar said, "Precious materials including rare and valuable gems... more

The ancient Indian tradition known as Buddhism has, at times, been called an 'Atheistic' religion. However original Buddhism was not atheistic, and in fact, the Buddha Himself is an Avatara who descended upon this earth to restore pure... more

Thousands of peaceful protesters against Government corruption brutally attacked by Police! Somewhere in the Middle East? No in India, the same India that boasts of being the world's largest democracy. India's most Popular Yoga... more

?Vrindavan is the land of pleasure and a Holy Place of Chintamanis or Gems that fulfill all Desires. Here there is a temple of Jewels which is caressed by the Waters of the Yamuna. Swans frolic amidst the golden lotus patches. In this... more
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