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    London mayor says the European Union is headed for a new dark age (Second Coming Watch Update #138)

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    London mayor says the European Union is headed for a new dark age. In an op-ed article published in The Canberra Times, Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, England, said that the problems in Greece are only the beginning of worse things to come. Using the example of the Roman Empire, he warned against Europeans being arrogant and forgetful of past lessons. He wrote, "Every day we read of fresh horrors: of once proud families queuing for bread, of people in agony because the government has run out of money to pay for cancer drugs. Pensions are being cut, living standards are falling, unemployment is rising, and the suicide rate is now the highest in the EU." He called for the EU to be broken up in to two smaller unions and said the continued unity of European countries would "consign the continent to a democratic dark ages."

    Israel moves army tanks closer to Egyptian border. According to Ynet News, the IDF has deployed Armored forces near the Israel-Egypt border, moving tanks closer to the fence. The unusual move followed Monday's terror attack on defense contractor crews building the new security fence. Ynet was able to document the presence of Israeli tanks in close proximity to the border - maneuvers which are barred by Jerusalem's peace treaty with Cairo.

    Hindus brutally attack Christians in India. According to Asia News, Hindu ultranationalists attacked Evangelist Baidhare, the pastor of the Pentecostal Fellowship Prayer group, and 12 Christian families in his community. The Global Council of Indian Christians said the attack "is meant to terrify the Christian minority. They want to repeat what happened in 2008, with the anti-Christian pogroms in the Kandhamal district." About 50 Hindus attacked the families, injuring 20 people, young and old, attempted to rape a few girls, and looted their homes. The families have since fled the area.


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    HINDU RADIO-Giving Thanks and Praises

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    Thanksgiving Day edition
    In 2008 I went to Orissa to investigate the Kandhamal Violence. I wrote a 450 page report entitled 'Orissa in the Crossfire’. It provides many vital details related to the Hindu-Christian violence that has frequently swept Orissa's Kandhamal district. Many have familiarized themselves with the propaganda that has fictionalized the events surrounding the Kandhamal crisis as yet another case of Hindu extremist anti-Christian violence. My report, revealing the true foundations of the crisis, was presented to the US State Dept by RSS National Executive member Ram Madhavji. In agreement with my conclusions the US State Dept's 2009 Report on International Religious Freedom reported that, "...the underlying causes that led to the violence have complex ethnic, economic, religious, and political roots related to land ownership and government-reserved employment and educational benefits." This was a clear revision from the US State Dept's previous assessment of the Kandhamal Violence. However to this day various media outlets and others continue to parrot the myth of extremist Hindus and the hapless Christians of Kandhamal. This myth is still being used as a great fundraising tool by some unscrupulous church groups and as a club to tarnish the efforts of India's indigenous Hindu activists. I urge anyone interested in the truth regarding Kandhamal and the overall situation related to India's so-called 'Hindu Nationalists' to download this book. Its free and will free the honest seeker from the campaign of calumny raging against India and its native cultures.

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    HINDU RADIO-Cow Protection, the Hindu Temple Crisis and Vamana Avatar

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    Various Topics including Ongoing threats against Cow Protection in India, the ongoing Hindu Temple Strike affecting thousands of Temples and worshipers throughout India, and other topics.
    We will also focus this week on Vamana Avatar. Learn about how the Lord defeated the greatest King of the Asuras, Bali Maharaj.