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    Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or Yeti? The ‘Big Hairy Creature’ episode.

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    Join the team of Casebook: Paranormal as they discuss the legendary creature known as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or Yeti! We’ll discuss some of the stories surrounding the big guy (or girl); learn the history of the legend, as well as hoaxes and local sightings (straight from our own hometown newspaper in Georgia!).

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    The Progressive Patriot: Testing the YETI with Audience Participation Requested!

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    Last week, during the very first episode of the show, Sarah had a few* technical difficulties. And technical difficulties make Sarah feel more like The Pissed Off Patriot than the progressive one, so rather than change the name of the show, she bought a YETI, a top of the line microphone designed for podcasts.


    This show will be live and interactive: you can help by replying to Sarah's tweets as she sends them, and by being willing to call in to the show at some point.


    We'll go back to the usual format next week! Thank you for your patience as we troubleshoot.


    *Show begins at 10 pm Central time, 11 pm Eastern, 8 pm Pacific, 9 pm Mountain - will probably run 45 minutes or so.

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    Snowmen, Abominable ones. Soon, Not Yeti.

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    Wild wooly whitefrosty discussion of the Yeti, Abominable Snowmen, the Bigfoot of the Himalayas. SnowSquatch, Ok I'll stop, LoL! Could be In-Studio OR Remote from Our Own wintery woodsides. Sta tuned to find out whether we ourselves are Live or Legendary.

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    Yeti and the YELL

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    Watch OUT cause her come the internet radio wrestling PAIN!

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    The Abominable Snowman Yeti Special

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    The Yeti, also known as the Abominable Snowman, is arguably the most famous cryptid and unknown creature on the planet! Most famously known for living in the forests and mountain regions of the Himalayan Mountains of Asia, the Yeti is often described as a cousin of the North American Sasquatch. What exactly is the creature we call the Yeti? Tune in to this ALL NEW Episode of Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Radio as the team discusses eyewitness sightings, creature descriptions, expeditions, and more! This is one show you won't want to miss!

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    Bigfoot” “Sasquatch” “Yeti” “Windago” “Yowie” “Almaste” “Oh-

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      Freeman Young is a two time flat line NDE survivor! Freeman has also had 20+ years practicing native ceremonies 12 years Sun Dancing and has been ‘In Service’ to & adopted by Elders and taught their “Ways” of spirituality and personal development. He is an critically acclaimed researcher/writer/author and Documentary film maker on the Sasquatch topic…& a world renowned hominoid researcher carrying within his realm of knowledge specialized interaction with the famed “Bigfoot” “Sasquatch” “Yeti” “Windago” “Yowie” “Almaste” “Oh-Mah” and just about any other label people put on our big hairy friends.

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    Are the End Of Times closer?Parallel Worlds, Where is Yeti?

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    Join us with auhor Tim Swartz when we try and find Yeti. Does it exisit and why hasnt it been found? Parallel Worlds is it possible? Why the trouble in Syria might be unlocking the gate to the end of Times! This and more with live call in and real time chat, We want to hear from you!

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    Episode 44 – Back by Popular Demand: Bob and Kathy Strain

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    Tonight! – Wednesday March 25th – 5pm PST / 8pm EST

    CryptoLogic Radio – Episode 44 – Back by Popular Demand: Bob and Kathy Strain

    Last week we had such a great reception for Bob and Kathy that we decided to invite them back. There were a lot of calls-ins and listeners that didn't get the opportunity to ask their questions so this one’s for you. Please call-in or send you questions over chat tonight, you’ll be first priority. --Tonight our guests will be the husband and wife research team of Bob and Kathy Strain. Bob is a retired firefighter/paramedic who has been researching Bigfoot since 1975 when he had an encounter himself near Challis, Idaho. He is also an avid outdoorsman with many years’ experience hunting, fishing, and hiking. And he hosted his own podcast named Let’s Talk Bigfoot. Kathy is the Heritage Resource and Tribal Relations Programs Manager for the Stanislaus National Forest in Sonora, CA. She holds a M.A. in Anthropology and conducts research on native cultures including their traditional beliefs about Bigfoot. She’s an author as well and covers this subject matter in her book Giants, Cannibals, & Monsters: Bigfoot in Native Culture. They work together with the other members of NAWAC (North American Wood Ape Conservancy) to represent some of the best scientific methodology and evidence collection the world of Bigfooting has to offer.

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    March 19, 2015 10pm (PDT)- The Falcon Project's William Barnes joins us

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    The Falcon Project is a large scale observation and research operation founded by William Barnes. William envisioned an operation that would allow for both the observation and tracking of an elusive animal he first encountered in 1997. There are hundreds of reports every year from people who claimed to have also encountered the same elusive animal, an animal most commonly referred to as sasquatch.

    Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot, is the name given to an elusive, and as yet unrecognized hominoid species, that primarily inhabits the moist forests and bottoms of North America. They are usually described as being large, hairy, bipedal humanoids. The word sasquatch is an anglicized derivative of the Halkomelem word sásq’ets, meaning the “wild man of the woods.”

    In the summer of 1997, William had a close encounter with a sasquatch when one entered his campsite along the South Fork of the Greenhorn River in Nevada County, California. The details of his encounter can be found on the Falcon project website. Because of this experience, William first began to conceptualize what would ultimately become The Falcon Project. Through years of correspondence with engineers about airship technology and advances in thermal camera technology, The Falcon Project eventually took shape.


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    Monster X radio: Live from HopsSquatch with Guy Edwards

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    Join Monster X hosts Gunnar Monson and Shane Corson as they broadcast live following this month's HopsSquatch event hosted by Guy Edwards.

    HopsSquatch is a Bigfoot and Beer event dedicated to the latest Bigfoot news and research.

    A unique speaker’s series held every month. Previous speakers have been a Finding Bigfoot TV Host (Cliff Barackman), History Channel's go-to Anthropology Professor (Dr. Jeff Meldrum), creature fx expert (Bill Munns), acclaimed novelist (Kirk Sigurdson) amd many legends in the bigfoot community.

    Each month we bring a different expert in the field of Bigfooting. From anthropology professors, TV stars, book authors, movie directors, hypnotist, psychics and even interspecies communicators.

    Nothing is off the table!!!!

    Get behind-the-scenes information from the experts and become Bigfoot insiders learning what is on the horizon of Bigfoot research.

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    Classic Kwood Premiere Preview by yeti woods

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    classic kwood premiere preview with music and talk

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