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I started this chapter questioning if a mason was naturally curious and wanting to discover the mysteries. But I thought better of that. Some are; many are not. It is esoteric and requires study, asking  important, essential questions. If you hear someone talking about enjoying the journey-  should we run away...fast?  What makes us think, the path to enlightenment is either fun or easy?  Did you enjoy reaching the summit of Everest; the journey to the beaches of Normandy or sailing the ocean? We often here it but it seems a weak question in the face of such accomplishments- were you happy? What of motivation; of commitment; of challenges? It is effort required that distinguishes those who do from those who do not.  We have no idea beforehand, even with anticipation in our pocket, how we might respond to the moment of truth, until we get there. What we do know is that it deeply understand something is a unique experience.  We can agree that something deep happens when a mind see existence for what it is.   

Freemasonry is a blend. Part reinactment of ritual. Ritual lets us share experience. It is of the past and from the past relived in the moment. Another part focuses on the future at the door of knowledge.  If we choose to make it our laboratory, we take on responsibility to proceed knowledgably; to study, committ attentiveness to the history of religion, philosophy and influences on thought. We are not born understanding metaphor or allegory or enigma. We must acquire such knowledge. As we become an alchemist  we learn new skills with unfamiliar terms just as any apprentice does. What does it all mean?