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    Freemasonry and the Illuminati

    in Spirituality

    Aired on Walking Among Spirits - The new book by Scott E. Hensler - Second Heaven Invasion - chapter 13 - Freemasonry and the Illuminati - Are you under this curse? Find out what is really going on in the spirit world that allows this secret society to operate even today!

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    Most people have a belief they are complete, the full package. Strengths, shortcomings all intractible. It would be difficult to improve if the form was so rigid. The complete belief denies the fact a human being is adaptive and likes habit. In that sense life is a process influenced as much by our attitudes as by the events and circumstance we face each day. Can most freemasons see their personal goals that will take them to the objective of insight and self improvement?   Human beings are in an unassailable state of change.  We are looking for 'the bigger man' and seeking to be the 'bigger man'. 

    Behaviour of a freemason toward his brethren, family, co-workers, G-d and country reveals his state of mind. A mason is given an opportunity to hone some useful skills of observation. But to understand them, he first must discover them.  Just as he discovered how to balance his bicycle and enjoy the ride, freemasonry requires a desire to learn and action and a goal; what can you do once you have the skill.   

    Is freemasonry about having a membership card, wearing regalia and performing ritual? If it is, then we will have stripped freemasonry of unique history, an enriched philosophy and a philathropic ethos.

    Can a man find an ethical 'right life' through freemasonry?  With commitment, dedication, opportunity and sincere mentoring  he may always be in a state of incompletion but closing in on his goals.

    How we are known to others, should matter.  So learn the meaning of hubris; what the arts can express about the human condition; how a balanced life is different and why a statisfactory life does not come from a recipe.

    'A life unexamined is not worth living.'

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    Personal development has never been the perview of a lodge.  Admittedly Lodges contain vast knowledge. Whether a member has a thirst for this is known only to him. How deeply he drinks,is public.  A thread of concern over the centuries,  has been from a mind that define poor scholarship as a personal failing, a result of us collectively lowered standards.  Why, only right minded people we allowed to ask their single question of the Delphi  Oracle, weren't they? 

    Within the Order certain narratives have been drawn out while others are ignored.  Let's then examine one of those other narratives to see if it agrees or challenges the assumption that our failing is poor selection.  Being an Entered Apprentice  never was a guarantee a man will work as a Master Mason. That requires a good mentor dedicated, curious apprentice, effort and one in every 100,000 we find one genius, the Michelangelowho who draws life itself from stone.

    I'm thinking selection came under fire for noble reasons- perhaps the poor student is lively company who attends even bored by education. Maybe he is masonically illiterate who doesn't connect his thoughts with the experience. Maybe he wasn't taught. The question for us is not the question for him. His question to the Oracle can be simple minded. Nevertheless the answer is for him to sort out.  It is said the Oracle gave obscure answers.  And her aides hustled you out of the grotto and brought in the next.

    If we raise about the fray to look at all aspects, freemasonry cannot be other than what it is.  What can be done to improve?  Plenty!  Rather than a process of conviviality, lodges could convey the true philosophical message of purpose of the Craft. But oh my goodness- that would come from within not without.

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    Freemasonry and the Illuminati

    in Spirituality

    The new book by Scott E. Hensler - Second Heaven Invasion - chapter 13 - Freemasonry and the Illuminati

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    Dialogue on Freemasonry

    in Christianity

    What is Freemasonry?  Can someone be a mason and still be a Christian?  Tonight, Walter Martin talks with Luther Mies, a Christian and a former high-level Mason talking about Masonry and its relationship to Christianity.

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    When is a freemason not a freemason?

    Freemasonry is vulnerable to mockery but which is worse. The balefulness of cowans or the indifference of a Brother who fails to live out his obligations?  We owe each entered apprentice the training and guidence he requires to help him achieve this masonic goals, to reach his masonic potential.  When we put this out to a group of freemasons, the room files with conjecture, criticism and defensiveness. So I'll not do that.  What I offer are some ideas to move the discussion along.   

    It is plausible, the dynamic tensions we experience within the lodge are necessary to maintain the orbit of masonic principles. Mystery of freemasonry is the oxygen we breathe. The individual mind is a fertile ground that fights the suffocation of compliance to assert the need to calculate those aspects of experience needed to achieve our goals.

    Some people find a symphony discordant and unfamilar. Others find the achievement of symphonic music captures them.  I cannot add to that conversation without saying, if we do not appreciate an achievement because he have not learned it's importance, then the risk is not so much toward the object of achievement as it is to limiting growth.  Taste? Good manners? Culture? Refinement? Acceptance? Flexibility? Where is the Bigger Man when you need him? 

    I could use some help here brethren.  We should talk...

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    Episode 1972 - The Religion of Freemasonry - King Rand Richey

    in Spirituality

    Episode 1972 - The Religion of Freemasonry
    King Rand Richey 
    Recorded LIVE 11-25-2014 on Omega Man Radio

    Masonic Symbology Powerpoint

    Masonic Teaching Powerpoint

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    MYSTERY BABYLON NEWS: Jade Helm 15, Freemasonry in Christianity and in Church

    in Spirituality

    THURSDAY MORNING: On Thursday morning (Yom Chamishi, the 5th day of the week), June 18th, 2015 (1st day of the 4th month 5776, Rush Chudash) at 10AM EST (9 AM CST), your Brother (Akhy) in YAHUAH will be talking, teaching, and testifying about the News of Mystery Babylon, Jabe Helm 15, Freemasonry and Christianity, plus what does it mean to the Natzarym (Branches) of the True Mashyakh. Please join us by calling in at (347) 884-8468 or just click on the link below and be blessed. Love you in Spirit and in Kingdom Truth! Shalum. Shalum. Halal u YAHUAH!

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    Freemasonry: A Sacred Trust

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    Ancient Landmarks have been preserved for centuries. The ethics of our earliest civilizations reveal a provenance that tells us progress does not  extinguish need of awareness.  An understanding of philosophies influences the judgement of some people, but not the entire community.  This lack of permanance suggests strongly that an ethical life requires construction by an individual. And this requires examination of 'self'. 

    What question do you ask that gives the information you need? The universe does not owe an explanation of existence.  Our purpose is to procreate; to extend our secies. An answer beyond that, depends on what 'truths' we care to employ.

     That is for us to discover, including the realistic sense evidence may be confusing. Yet Freemasonry continues to offer half the world well thought out options for creating a better life.

    Generation to generation, this becomes the Sacred Trust of Freemasonry; to investigate the metaphysics of existence.  The genesis of Freemasonry was ideas that grew from small groups of men discussion the larger issues.  Even today, it struggles when it attempts to operate on a larger scale. Freemasonry grows organically because of the constant ability to adjust to environmental changes. It is as diverse as need be fullfill the needs of function.  

    The primary number in the Order is one:  one mustard seed. As long as one freemason exists, as long as he knows the history of ideas required by Speculative Freemasonry then it continues.

    All elements of Freemasonry are included for a reason, whether we see it or not. The question to ask ourselves collectively is simple. What elements of the past are important? Are we so eager to discard what we don't understand? Traditional Observance?  Just a thought.

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    Join me for lively conversation on things masonic. Today, we will talk about an important question about freemasonry. Does it deliver? When we think about this a little deeper, let's ask ourselves the mystery question;  is the Craft hollow or can it deliver? 

    I'll be getting into the way we come into the Order with expectation that freemasonry will shatter. If learning is to happen, a man alone must ask the question he needs to answer. Good time Charlies don't really need the Craft.  They can find a hot-dog and a beer and social connections with alot of other organizations who actually do it better.  When a fellow begins to mature and begins to bear the weight of responsibility he asks himself 'Is is all there is?" "Am I a beast of burden" You aren't alone. Maybe you've notices you can't go forward and can't go backwards. If you can't find the answers where else do you search?  Money doesn't do it.  Fame and celebrity doesn't do it. Drinking makes you a liar. There is no place to hide. So suck it up. Look into the mirror and see the truth. If you have been wandering, wondering, hopeful, we've been searching for you.  

    I want to talk to you about the instrument that has entrusted to you. Of course you can't play it. You need instruction.  You don't even know if you have talent. You will know within yourself if you are curious.  BUT do you have the self discipline to study?

    'A life unexamined, is not worth living'. Socrates.

    Freemasonry brings the past into the future and open the  mind.  Curious?


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    Influences: Royal Society & Freemasonry

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    The Royal Society stands as a bench mark for change that defined the way we validate science to this very day.   Science was a closed male-only shop. The experimental model had gained traction with the work of Francis Bacon. His work lacked the ethical framework expected in the 21st Century (eg torture of animals and humans was accepted means to get results). But he was part of a movement that showed how experimentation, repeated trials was necessary to validate results.

    They were gentlemen; middle class with sufficient wealth that produced an escape from daily effort to survive.  We know it as leisure.   If a gentleman said he had found a result, he was not challenged. His word was his bond.  There must have been informal processes that restricted flaky thinkers. Nevertheless, in the 18th Century people began to expect that methodology and results would be open to all interested parties.   This was the beginning of self-made men. They were unencumbered of financial influences because they paid for their own laboratory and material.

    Validation of  truths by science overshadowed the former power of kings or bishops or superstition. As England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales welcomed the 19th Century, speculative freemasonry began to take a recognizable form. The history of freemasonry is obscure prior to Grand Lodge. We can hope historians will continue to discover more information but we also have experienced the hidden influence of the men who were the Royal Society.  Since 1717 freemasonry has been an explosion of written work; much of it opinion pieces based on fragments of facts.   It is vital we continue to read as broadly as possible. This is where an understanding of the context of freemasonry will liberate the intellectual connection to our roots. We discover our future by discovering our past. Metaphysical, philosophical, spiritual and fraternal- we endure.

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