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The world might have an appetite for war and tolerance of poverty but not so the people living it. Distorting history is used by despots to justify starting a fight. At a certain point our intelligence takes us beyond class distinction to remove barriers to discovery. We desire a good life. We study to understand character but in an age of celebrity it seems harder to find the bigger man. We should be wary of humanist philosophy; far from dormant, laying claim to the function of an Order completely unknown to the participants. The maths doesn't matter as long as the physics work. Metaphysics? Replace that with philanthropy. Social class? Create one fraternal class and control entrance. The love affair with those ideas will never cease. But as reality must fall short of expectations, we ignore all of that and become harsher and harsher. We would then want leadership to function with that sense of realistic limitation but tightly wrapped in a desire to move forward. Daunting? Yes. Fulfilled? Never. Radio Free Mason will discuss the balance points as we explore the ideas of freemasonry. Graham

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Many people have a belief they are complete, the full package. Not so. Human beings are in an unassailable state of change. Practical men prepare first to make a living. How to live a good life is a daunting task that requires and different type of preparation. Money? can't but respect. Fame? doesn't guarantee completeness. Power? corrupts. All much easier than understanding truth has more than one dimension. Can a man find an ethical 'right life' through freemasonry? With his own dedication, opportunity and sincere mentoring he may always be in a state of incompletion but closing in on his goals. How we are known to others, should matter. So learn the meaning of hubris; what the arts can express about the human condition; how a balanced life is possible; why a statisfactory life does not come from a recipe. 'A life unexamined is not worth living.'
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When is a freemason not a freemason? Freemasonry is vulnerable to mockery but which is worse. The balefulness of cowans or the indifference of a Brother who fails to live out his obligations? We owe each entered apprentice the... more

I started this chapter questioning if a mason was naturally curious and wanting to discover the mysteries. But I thought better of that. Some are; many are not. It is esoteric and requires study, asking important, essential questions. If you hear... more

Solitication that would make a tele marketer blush; we didn't start like that but it has crept in unrelentlessly in our meetings. Rather than approaching our work through the study of literature, history, philosophy and science, we have replaced... more

Governance and management; necessary if kept in proportion; numbing if not. Control. It seduces us with the scent of predictability and power. We trade on reality, convincing ourselves freemasons have an ability to foresee the future.... more

For the past 100 years, communities have abandoned the elements of health and replaced them with a car. Many no longer believe it is possible to create a lifestyle not dependent on a vehicle; one in which everything is within walking... more

As a grown man, being defined with symbols is interesting. I think I am quite average; at this age having partial answers to some but not all of the elemental question pertinent to my life. In a way, it takes this kind of effort to balance an... more

In the conventional sense, we should be much smarter, more sensitive, prescient, awareness. Has science not given 21st Century Man, tools that were only decades ago were the product of an active imagination? Communication is at... more

Brethren, Join me for lively conversation on things masonic. Today, we will talk about an important question about freemasonry. Does it deliver? When we think about this a little deeper, let's ask ourselves the mystery question; is the Craft... more

Have you seen those ads aimed at the over 50 crowd about drunk driving with an elephant are in the room as a man obviously intoxicated, pulls out his keys and heads for the car? Today many countries have realized people who are drinking... more

Some men are adventurous; some curious; some introverted; some afraid of their potential. If or how we meet those responsibilities defines to others,who we are and what kind of person we be. There is no shortage of sage advice to... more
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