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Understanding is essential to survival. Freemasons are expected to demonstrate their understanding by conducting themselves with humility that comes from insight. Ancient and Accepted Freemasonry is a distinction not applicable to everyone while preserving the fact probability would suggest there are other equally valid Orders on the face of the earth. We tend to be truthful and welcoming. We want to be the reliable neighbour you can call upon when in need. But that is your choice. If you believe that one can find beauty in spite of challenges and unfairness then you are standing in the company of freemasons.

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Sooner or later it was bound to happen. The gewgaws and gimcracks no more. Block a stream, the water pools; the energy and power continue to build; effects copy the design but consequences measure what is unintended whether up or down stream. And the time it takes to reckon this is time invested in discovering ill-conceived ideas and the art of suasion. Scholarship is that blocked stream, not of water but of consciousness; dormant for so long it had fallen out of memory only to be rediscovered. Will the alchemists step forward to teach us the steps in a preparation. Alchemical masons are the most misunderstood of all. And well should they go quietly about their work to avoid ridicule. This collective rediscovery of masonic archives makes for compelling reading. It would take great licence with the facts to claim it was entirely accurate, but it does contain more than partial truths.
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If the good man has a better conscience then he has command over the universe with day slips into night. Neither hero or King or pauper or sinner. He retrieves dreams of his own making. When did freemasonry come away from the... more

Ideas of honour, dignity, common good have been part of human structures from the stone age. Does the antedeluvian in you think it reasonable that mankind came to exist with awareness of self or might we think that consciousness has... more

Raconteur, poet, journalist, lawyer, soldier, teacher; Albert Pike was a man of many facetes. His work before the Supreme Court argued the treaty rights of American First Nations and faced down racism, genocide and raw political... more

Are you and I an Antient or a Modern? If a better, improved hammer or a chisel harder and resistant to dulling blows, was handed to a craftsman even Christoper Wren was happy with the result. In the old days, a lot of wives died during... more

Being Literal. Being Metaphoric. Being Antient. Being Modern. Being Old. Being New. If we understood what motivates us each day we would be dressed either in uniforms or colourful displays of individuality. Would the search for knowledge... more

Being first matters! In the big picture, it really doesn't but we like to act like it does- being competitive is the only way to live because being last is humiliating- unless you have are overcoming some disabilty last is bad. Only thing is, we... more

Freemasonry dances on the head of a pin, crowded with great thinkers and deafened by the silence. A thoughtful freemason might think it would be wise to search out the instruction to brethren, if such a thing ever did exist. And the... more

Do you think the roots of freemasonry trace back to ancient Egypt? When I am asked such questions out of the blue, I always find my hasty effort to reply is a stumbling effort. When I response saying 'it depends on the context of your... more

When it comes to the accumulation of knowledge, most nations, including our own to this day try to keep others out. But there are exceptions to every rule as we know. Today we will look at the effects of medieval Islamic scholarship in map... more

Truths are hard to hide. Has the library of freemasonry become too large? too deep? too much? How old are we? 500 years? 298 years? Imagine the reaction you could get if you claimed your wine was 10,500 years old. Archeologists... more
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