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Principles become revealed to the world through our behaviour. Helpful characteristics are not secrets. Nor are they mysteries. They are lessons requiring an open mind an awareness of ourselves in relation to others. While stodgy old men wanted us to believe it sucked the fun out of life, the point of true masonry is just the opposite. It is an acquired, private way of thinking. Is private a secret? I doubt it. MasonicFX

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Does the true mason approach his world with an open mind? Mark Twain told us whenever you find you are on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. Isn't that a sly way to address contrarianism? Keep this in mind when you next think of Masonry. Is this somehow mixed into the appeal that has always held us in the palm of hand of this very old fraternal Order? Quixotic? Can you imagine the grief he had to tolerate when he told his friends he was writing a story about an old man on an journey- horse and donkey and servant- travelling on a quest to rescue the fair damsel. Today psychologists call it -optimal distinctiveness theory.
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Are we still walking with dinosaurs toward the edge of a flat earth? Some people hold strong beliefs as such and refute the evidence of science. Think about it. You can get there if for a moment you think about the rules that govern our... more

Who woulda thought? Was it possible to form an organization dedicated to enlightenment? to replacing ignorance with fact. Darkness to Light? We know the answer is a resounding yes. Today buffeted by the acceleration of science and... more

Waiting is a game. Beginning a new narrative starts with us. Waiting. That is what workmen do. Until we know the plan and our part in it, there is little else to do until the supervisors arrive. And if the supervisors do not arrive a project... more

MasonicFX has been holding onto this one. Is our examination of us leading to misjudgement?

It is hard to imagine saying something unique or adding an interesting thought about the Craft that hasn't already been said. In a sense, history has held a kind villainy for Freemasonry. Remnants of our past have been remembered with a... more

It is captured in a sense of loss. We cannot modernize lest we leave some part of our heritage and ourselves behind. As we profess to be the Gentle Craft, let's not be harsh or smug in our observations. There is no honour in hurbris. We... more

Freemasonry doesn't grow nor does it contract. The reasoning and logic, careful social analysis and awareness is subtle. It isn't revealed until an individual asks the essential questions. What are they you ask? They come from your... more

Let's assume life is a series of choices and living with the consequences. Let's then assume what we learn from those consequences determines if we live a good life. A good life is a life examined. Today MasonicFX discusses why it is... more

I live in a town where every bridge is marked, ever tree planted with a plaque commemorating death. Shucks, I thought trees and parks were for the living: cemeteries and minds and hearts were the dwelling place of our preoccupation... more

Happily, brethren are living longer than ever. Their labours over they may or may not have access to long-term-care that appreciates their right to live with their wife, in their community near family and friends. Government answers this... more
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