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Understanding is essential to survival. Freemasons are expected to demonstrate their understanding by conducting themselves with humility that comes from insight. Not superior but dedicated to an inclusive way of living. Whether one has the discipline to achieve is known in hindsight. We could be members of any number of organizations but it has distinct features. Dedication is never supposed to be for everyone. Freemasonry is what it is,applicable to those who are open to it. Just like many other callings. We hope we can be honest, as much with ourselves as with others. We want to be the reliable neighbour you can call upon when in need. If you believe that one can find beauty and joy in spite of challenges in life then we have that in common. Masonic Companion

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Be careful what you wish for. It is a journey like no other. This is freemasonry. Just as it shows you the joy, the answers, the feelings of connecting- the discovery along this journey takes the traveller to a place where he realizes insight is not completely burnished. The love expressed within freemasonry is unconditional but not without examining the world as it is; the feelings of abandonment, lonliness in the crowd. deceit, and deception. We wander into darkness itself. One version- my version has a talisman that leads out of the blackness and draws back to the lightness of life itself. Conflict, and pettiness, no longer hold power. As the vessel empties it fills. It just might come true.
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When the human mind begins to search inwardly, it first plunges through a lot of froth. Some Bhuddists talk about insight being like cooking lentils. The scum floats up and must be removed. You might think we would speak about it often but... more

The story of freemasonry in not yet complete. It is still unfolding, being revealed in the minds of next generations. They are our horizon, assuming the torch of opportunity. So many references to some much history; the age of... more

What does the future hold in store for Freemasonry? Freemasonry will prevail. Of that, there is no question. But it will not be in the form we know it today. Today, our thinkers spent long hours considering the source of change. In... more

Personal development has never been the perview of a lodge. Admittedly Lodges contain vast knowledge. Whether a member has a thirst for this is known only to him. How deeply he drinks,is public. A thread of concern over the centuries,... more

Did we step out from under the rule of religion? Did we dispose the despot? Did we create the Republic? Did we fight for freedom? Wars scar our souls yet we repeat it. Church stains our conscience but what alternative. Is the 21st Century... more

Does any organization bear its soul for the world? It does if it's Freemasonry. We are a pious bunch. "Piety" doesn't wear well anymore. We watch politicians jump ship, knowing the idealists have already jumped ahead of them. We barely... more

Within masonry, is perfection; beauty; a universe in utterly remarkable balance. Poor is man that blames himself for not seeing what is there. He has not found the perspective that helps him understand that he is surrounded by beauty.... more

A few days ago I was talking a women I know about our children returning from university for the summer. Our daughter is finishing her thesis but I thought it polite to ask if her son had found a summer job. Oh, she said, he's working... more

If there is a fault of a good Master, it is pushing his talented apprentice beyond his pace. In a sense, it is failing him. In another, the demanding Master may get a result- pushing raw talent to a higher level. The balance is suppressing... more

Why ask important questions? Important to whom? Is it only smart people who ask important questions? If the moral rudder of a man can be improved by his admission to an Order, that in his mind makes him a better person- who am I to... more
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