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Hello citizens of Gotham. We live in strange times. Belonging, trusting, knowing- needs of the lost boys that prompt mature types to hunt for answers. We tire of platitudes and sound bites and if we have a shred of insight, we value authenticity. If you believe leadership is about control, or keeping people poor is a good way to keep them distracted, Freemasonry isn't going to work for you. It's an opportunity to have something rare; to learn from our history; to live in a world a peace within yourself. It is a place to congregate; anachronistic but true to obligations. People listen to radio alone. Making it informative and interesting- you bring the curiosity. Join me. Masonic Companion will connect us in the tyled recesses of the mind. Graham

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Some men are adventurous; some curious; some introverted; some afraid of their potential. If or how we meet those responsibilities defines to others,who we are and what kind of person we be. There is no shortage of sage advice to... more
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For hundreds of years, gardens have been a delight to the senses. The valiant traveller Monty Don takes us into hidden gems, to teach us how culture influenced garden architechture. As he does this, the scholar teaches us beauty can be... more

Freemasonry is dying because except for the membership, it has become irrelevent, disconnected in the larger context of life, self serving; toothless in old age; worshipers of glory days; once rock, now spongy and soft; unable... more

Expectations. Achieveable, defining. Relevant. We need to talk about a process that has permiated freemasonry generation to generation. Capacity to deliver does not match expectations. There are solutions to what ails us. We could use... more

While Shakespeare taught the world the range of English language expression, he never denied the beauty of the french language. This program refers to just such a word- ennui- the grand indifference. When citizens are indifferent to... more

18th century London was a place replete with social stratification. Feudalism had long ago given way to democracy in name but perhaps not by much. Monarch and aristrocracy continued to experience privileged indifference to poverty described... more

Masonically all ritual, metaphor, symbolism and metaphysics reveals answers to questions: is there purpose in the universe and do I have a role? We think that not asking such questions is a sign of ignorance. We assume the universe can be... more

Hello- welcome back I suppose we've all been there. Ten thousand variations on a theme. The tasks are compelling producing some unique, the non-transferable common experience. All faiths attempt to answer the genuine questions of life.... more

Perhaps it is subversive. Perhaps it is foolish; attempting to reconfigure freemasonry into a marketable comodity. Sell it. 500 years of history is hard to ignore but that is what happens when the nature of the masonic order is... more

Can you imagine freemasons queing to put a question to the Delphi Oracle? We would ponder, each in our own way. Let me ask one and have all of us ponder together. What is the epitome of freemasonry? We masons have interesting... more

Let's presume we are all smart. We take life seriously. Exposure to history and philosophy, the arts and classical literature are deliberately planned during childhood. All people are to be treated fairly. We expect to live a good life,... more
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