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For hundreds of years, gardens have been a delight to the senses. The valiant traveller Monty Don takes us into hidden gems, to teach us how culture influenced garden architechture. As he does this, the scholar teaches us beauty can be found in a variety of forms. Carved, manicured hedges and beddings or capriciously playful shadings designed with sensation in mind.

If our minds were like gardens we would express our individual imaginations and exhibit ideas so new, so different and loosened from traditions, even magic.

The problem with magic is that those who do not find magic are those who never ever find it. 

There is magic inside a lodge hall. There is mystery in our pages of symbols. They are transformative, out of our control. There is no profit in this discovery. Money lenders do not like it.  Silly men do not value it.  A simple man or a clever by far has as much grasp as the magician himself. 

So what is this fear of imbalance about?  Why does masonry quake under the foot steps of timid men? No doubt they want to build cathedrals that soar into the clouds. But they have not the confidence or drive of discovery. The arm chairs are too well stuffed to try new mathematics.

Our brethren are well within their reach to notice flaws. And we are well within our sense of virtue to carry on the alchemy supported by a philosophical reasoning.

We are broken. Life is a process of becoming. We are imperfect creatures that need acknowledgement of brilliance.  It is too late only if an old man has convinced himself it is too late.   Freemasonry is about meeting expectations.  Now the question to ask is "whose expectations?"

Blending equal protions of Eculid, Socrates and Pythagoras into the mortar and crushing it into dust is the cement that holds lodge walls. Andrew Hammer was on to something when he reminded us to look deeper into the mirror.