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  • Tips for creating hope by supporting the authenticity in children.

    in Motivation

    Counselor Mandy Eppley speaks with author and coach Chris Saade about the importance of supporting the authentic nature of our children. Every child is born with a particular “genius” intelligence and personality. They discuss how a parent’s role is to nuture this genius and to help children learn about themselves. This, in turn, also helps adults learn about their own authenticity. The root of depression is fighting against our authentic nature. What we want to strive for, in our children and in ourselves, is harmony with our authenticity. They also talk about supporting our children’s feelings AND failures. This episode will give you tips for creating harmony and hope!

    Chris Saâde is the co-director of The Olive Branch Center with his wife, Jessie Thompson, where he teaches courses on engaged spirituality. He has lead more than 200 psychological and spiritual retreats, and continues to serve as a personal Coach for individuals and couples. Chris worked as a licensed psychotherapist for 11 years in private practice specializing in depression and life transitions before migrating into the world of coaching, writing and teaching. He has written 2 books, 2nd Wave Spirituality: Passion for Peace, Passion for Justice and Prayers for Peace and Justice and 2 recordings with Andrew Harvey. Find out more at: http://theolivebranchcenter.net/

  • Culture of Truth: Authenticity

    in Current Events

    Political satirist Culture of Truth bases The Bobblespeak Translations on Meet the Press and/or This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Using show transcripts, he creates the 'most ridiculous moment' for Virtually Speaking Sundays. This segment, Authenticity, was created and aired on Sept 13, 2015.

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    Allowing Authenticity

    in Entertainment

    This episode addresses the thoughts I need to process while a loved family member has been diagnosed with cancer for the 2nd time. Join the show to explore how allowing thoughts & emotions to be authentic for oneself & others is the current solution I've found during this time of uncertainty. Thanks!

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    Networking CEO: Cat Williford | The Authenticity Advantage

    in Business

    Cat Williford is on a mission: to make sure women thrive in business and life AND experience outrageous amounts of love!  This mission inspires her work as a Transformational Self-Development Coach, International Speaker, Author, Wise Woman, and Conversation Starter.


    Clients love her fast-acting, deep-dive work and report it champions sustainable can-do confidence, authenticity, self-love and best of all, results.  


    Cat is a pioneer in the field of Coaching and Coach Training and was one of the first certified coaches in the U.S. in 1994. She has coached thousands of women and trained more than eighteen hundred coaches globally.

    Certain there is no one-size-fits-all approach, Cat’s unique systems blend a wide array of tools from multiple coaching modalities, esoteric wisdom, creativity principles and brass tacks common sense strategy.


    At home on any stage, she’s been a guest expert on The Maury Povich Show, keynoted international conferences, and coached live on ABC radio.


    Her motto: You can overcome anything...especially that thing you think you can’t.


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    Cate Moore on The Art of Authenticity

    in Self Help

    Tom Cunningham and Peter Goral from TechBlocks interview Cate Moore.

    Cate is an author, senior sales professional, & entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience in pharmaceutical sales/marketing and small business.

    Cate holds a degree in Biology & Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario as well as 7 CCPE designations in multiple areas including Chronic Pain Management, Psychiatry, Endocrinology, and Respiratory.

    She is the VP Sales & Marketing at a Canadian Medical Marijuana company. Cate joined as V.P. of Sales & Marketing to develop and lead sales and marketing initiatives for the national medical marijuana business and contributes to several online publications and blogs where she shares her expertise in sales, marketing, and leadership.

    She is the author of the popular e-Book: I’m Not Beautiful Like You, I’m Beautiful Like Me. - a free, downloadable guide on authenticity, aging gracefully, and insider secrets from the Health & Beauty Industry.

    She is the past president and founder of Tru Vitality Clinic, a medical spa with an iconoclastic business model as well as a holistic approach to living fully and aging gracefully.

    Cate has her own blog and often presents on courageously authoring our own stories, health & wellness, and the success that comes from living authentically in life, love, and business.

    Now that we have the standard spiel out of the way (yawn), let’s talk about the important stuff: Cate’s life philosophy is about living authentically… “Because loving your inner train wreck is how the magic happens”


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    Focus on achieving through authenticity!

    in Business

    Orly’s Business Power Hour! With Orly Amor

    Focus on achieving through authenticity!

    My guest this Saturday is Anna Pereira. Anna’s background includes her artistically based businesses in fashion and accessories handmade, manufactured, and corporate experience as head of a multimillion dollar division for a manufacturer of pet products.

    As a motivational public figure, her inspirational posts are known worldwide.  Through her Facebook page Circles of Inspiration by Anna Pereira, she has helped the lives of over 800K.

    Following her calling to truly make a global change, she is involved in several epic projects to better the world.  Most recently Anna has founded The Wellness Universe, along with her partner Shari Alyse and their company Soul Ventures Corp.

    Focused on building the space for a flourishing network of heart-based entrepreneurs, as the leader of The Wellness Universe it is rewarding helping modern day thought leaders and co-creators of change reach their goals personally and professionally. Seeing world changers not only change the world but their world changing as well through guidance and encouragement has been her life's greatest reward.

    Log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/Jim-Nemley  on Saturday, September 5, 2015 at 8:00pm EST.  Don’t Miss Your Business Power Hour!

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    Authenticity! Hour

    in Lifestyle

    The Authenticity! Hour Returns to Blogtalkradio for a 2nd Season.

    On this premiere show Lady Khadija & friends discuss "Authentication" and other tips, tools and resources for living YOUR Divine Design.

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    Authenticity: What Does it Mean to YOU?

    in Self Help

    Each of us was created to be powerful, loving and authentic, but at some point in our lives the true meaning of authenticity became distorted and common. Join my phenomenal co-hosts and me as we uproot the original definition of authenticity and share with you the many different ways to speak your truth to everyone...starting with yourself.

    Danica Trebel (www.danicatrebel.com), Communication & Family Dynamics Coach, knows first-hand the power of the spoken and unspoken word. It was through her own personal experiences that led her to this place of healing, restoration and passion to help others. She is an expert in helping people live their lives to the fullest through faith, communication and vulnerability.

    Dorothy Doctor (www.theselflovecoach.wordpress.com), Radio Host Personality "The Self Love Coach", specializes in teaching Self Love Life Skills before & after trauma. Dorothy was born into a family of 12 children where she endured many forms of abuse before she was adopted at the age of 5. This was the catalyst of her as an adult to begin her journey of self-healing, self-discovery and self-love. Dorothy is touched, moved and inspired by being able to share her experiences and training with her clients to help them transform their lives into something more beautiful than even they can imagine!

    Charmayne Olswang (www.feelloveheal.com), a Holistic Health and Transformation Life Coach, for many years followed society’s standards for success until she was guided back to her heart’s song and God given purpose. Charmayne helps her clients reach their health and lifestyle goals which ultimately leads them to connect with and live their Higher callings.


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    Consciousness, Health, and Authenticity

    in Spirituality

    Everything is energy, and when we see the connections between different energies we access more of our power.

    So get ready for fascinating insights between astrology, cancer, transformation, and authenticity because these energies are most certainly connected to each other.

    I hope this show brings you beautiful a-ha moments and clarity around exactly how powerful you are.


    Molly McCord is a Consciousness Catalyst whose Spiritual Awakening began in 2002. She shares her gifts as a writer, author, intuitive, astrologer, messenger, and spiritual teacher in this weekly show. Discover more on her popular website, Conscious Cool Chic.com




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    Authenticity! Hour

    in Lifestyle

    Relevant Topics and Music for A!TruYu

    Get MOTIVATED! will be the topic of Discussion for this weeks Authenticity! Hour... Lady Khadija will be paying forward the abundance of information she collected at Get Motivated Seminars ATL on Monday November 1, 2010.

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    What is AUTHENTICITY and how do I get some?

    in Motivation

    We hear the word all the time, mostly coupled with living our lives or making choices. What does authenticity really mean? How do I define it for myself and more importantly, how best to do it consistently? Our three hosts will talk about the mystery around authenticity, what it means to them (and perhaps you) along with how one can tap into their authentic selves for a happier life.

    Carline Bejin-Dye, Founder & CEO of Beautiful Authentic Life®, left her successful career of 15 years in corporate America to pursue her passion. She discovered that she’d been living a life according to others definitions and committed to changing that.  Carline is a Business Coach & Lifestyle Strategist dedicated to helping women navigate transitions by helping them create new beginnings and turn their passion into a heart-centered business. www.beautifulauthenticlife.com

    Jann Jaffe is a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, and a COR.E Dynamics Specialist. A traumatic brain injury cut short her successful career as an international opera, concert singer, and master class teacher and drastically altered her life. With Forward to Success, Jann is dedicated to helping professional women achieve optimal success, realization of their potential, passion, purpose and wellbeing in every aspect of their lives.

    Tamarra Causley Robinson is a Certified Professional Coach who helps women make career moves that matter. Tamarra struggled with self-confidence while obtaining success at a career that didn’t make her happy. After 25+ years of climbing the corporate ladder, she launched Causley Robinson & Associates LLC whose mission is to create a massive movement of women who are empowered to make themselves a priority, who are heard and respected while courageously conquering obstacles that hold them back from achieving career success www.dare2doitnow.com