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eye, observation, understanding

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Discussion helps find the social comfort level. In fact, it makes all the difference, something special all the day.

A dash of stoic is probably useful for that moment when Mr Dawkins steps forward with such pertient matters that one would want to address to avoid sounding vacant.  Of course that would satisfy my own notion that people are generally a thoughtless bunch until they feel a vested interest in the topic.  It doesn't matter until it matters to me. 

Do we want to be part of the portion of thinking reasoning people? Or are we satisfied by default with the alternative ?  This seems to put pressure on me.   Common sense tells me there is an infinite number of essential questions.  I am 64. Even though I take in information differently today than when I was a  10 year old boy, the clocks tic off time the same. Today, it seems as we age, feel a need to interrupt change. Our perception remains as it has been but we tire more quickly; our bodies and minds need to be fed differently.  Knowing this key to a renewed sense of mastery and accomplishment.  Without this key, we are rudderless fools stranded on a shoal.

Today, being unable to thoughtfully address serious questions of life would be a sign that I have squandered this life. Freemasonry heightens the expectation for answers.

Is there an explanation of the entire universe?  Would a magnificent G-d be an entity to negotiate favours, that conducts magic acts?  Is the creator limited to human qualities?  

Of all that is in the universe, we are bags of molecules that are able to understand. Is there purpose to that consciousness?  Are we destroyers of our own existence?

Are we by nature, zenophobic, paranoid, tribal animals? Or are we capable of casting a web of trust that connects all peoples, as brethren?

I could use some advice...