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Guys of the Roundtable

Guys of the Roundtable


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Just a bunch of guys talking about anything and everything.

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On the heels of the Zion Williamson fiasco on Wednesday night, the Guys talk One and Done in their final episode on BlogTalkRadio. Don't worry. We aren't going anywhere though. Stay tuned to our facebook page... more

Lots of stuff discussed on the latest GOTR Podcast. Spoiler alert: It was taped on Friday evening. We talked whether gym class is important (Topic starts 10 minutes in) as well as how to fix NBA All-Star weekend (Topic starts 40 minutes... more

Everything in life right now is going great. I have a girl that loves me. I'm gonna be a father and a husband. So I have all the reasons in the world to be happy. Yet, I can't help but think of all the bullshit that's gonna come our way in... more

Aight folks, it's time to gain some sensibility. I know we've all heard about the Liam Neeson interview by now, where he talks to the interviewer about an incident he went through back in the day. He was candid, he was truthful, and most... more

We've heard the old adage, "love conquers all", "all you need is a little love", "love will find a way", and my personal favorite, "love is unconditional". But is it really? I mean, yes we do have love for people, family, friends, significant other. But is... more

Saturday night, my girlfriend and I had a heart to heart conversation. Mostly, it was me venting some frustrations about life and her listening and chiming in when she could. Then she dropped a bomb-shell on me that really made me... more

With the high rates of single mothers and a lot of dad bashing articles out there (surprisingly), I wanted to take some time in today's episode to discuss the importance of having a father in a kids life. There are plenty of benefits fo... more

Growing up, I've dabbled in many religions and had an up and down experience with the whole thing. Now I don't want to say that religion is bad as a whole, because I can understand why it's important to most. As for my experience, i... more

I know that I've been on this podcast before talking about enjoy life and pursue your passions. But every now and again, I too fall victim to the wishes and desires of life. I often times find myself in a funk thinking about the things I wish... more

Accroding to some studies, religioin seems to be on the decline. In a poll that was taken back in 2014, survey has shown that approx. 78% of adults say they are religiously affliated, which is an approx. 7% decline from that same survey taken... more