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Guys of the Roundtable

Guys of the Roundtable


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Just a bunch of guys talking about anything and everything.

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Lately, I've been watching "Naked and Afraid", "Alone", "Big Brother", and some other pretty interesting shows with my grilfriend. One thing that I've noticed and has stuck out to me, is that, we as human beings are extremely comfortable... more

You mad bro?! Well, it seems like it. Everywhere I turn the last 48hrs, everyone is talking about the controversial Nike ad featuring Collin Kaepernick. Some are mad. Some are happy. Others are burning their Nike gear. Others are buying... more

Let's be honest with ourselves for a minute. Can you honestly look at yourself in the mirror and say that you can understand someone else's pain? If you can, great! You have this thing called empathy for another human, Most likely and... more

Aight so a lot has been happenning in the news; The Madden 19 tournament shooting, Senator John McCain's death, the ugly debate on whether or not President Trump should lower the white house flag to half mast, Odell Beckem... more

Lately, I've been in my own head just thinking and overthinking about things. And I'll be honest, it's exhausting! Mentally, I'm all over the place. Thinking about my future, thinking about the now, thinking about what needs to be done. It gets to... more

You know, in the past, I've had some reservations about being in a relationship. I'm not gonna lie, there was a point where I was on my he-man-woman-hater shit. I thought the best way to deal with this idea was to treat women like shit... more

I've always wondered if being in a relationhip was difficult. Then I got into one and realized and realized, that it really isn't. What makes being a relationship difficult is that one or the other partner isn't 100% fully committed. Is that a... more

I've never understood the complexities of life. Some days are extremely good and you're on top of the world. Then there are weeks where things seem to always go wrong and you can't catch a break. Why is that? How are we supposed to... more

My cousin did it again! He stays asking the most pertinent questions. But here we go! My cousin asked me this past Friday, "Is casual sex possible?" Of course my first reaction was to say, "yeah". As I thought about it though, I began... more

Maan, the amount of vitriol and hate that was spread along my cousin's Facebook status was astounding! My man posted a simple question and everyone (mostly women) went apeshit about the credibility of the article, the credibility of the... more