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Forsaken Generation on with Shawna Ogle

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I am a newly "crunchy" mom of 4. I'm a single parent navigating the path to natural healing and overcoming the challenges that come with having children with special needs. My purpose now is to be keep sharing.

A little about my kiddos...
My oldest is 10. She is diagnosed with ADHD inattentive type, mixed expressive and receptive language disorder, and learning disorders. She has eczema that started at one years old. ... I know red flag.
She had her flu vaccine and was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome in November.

My 7 year old is my medically complex kiddo. She has Klippel-Feil Syndrome,sprengels anomaly, thoracic insufficiency due to thoracic scoliosis and missing and fused ribs. She also has a single kidney, a right sided aortic arch, a left subclavian steel phenomenon, and gastroparesis that she has a GJ feeding tube for. 
She had a lipomyelomenigocele repaired at 8.5 months old. A GTube placed at 3yrs old. Her VEPTR rods placed at 2.5 years old and later converted to MAGEC rods which are magnetically adjustable. 
She has 37% lung function and has had 25+ surgeries. 
She's had multiple ear infections that led to 3 sets of tubes and had a really difficult time with sensory processing disorder. Therapy helped a ton!... I know another red flag

My 5 year old son has "autistic tendencies". He has been followed by a developmental pediatrician. They no longer have Aspergers or PDD-NOS which is where he would likely be. So they diagnosed him with anxiety. He has also suffered from chronic ear infections and had 3 sets of tubes as well as his adenoids removed.  He was hospitalized with febrile neutropenia from mono when he was around 18 months old. He had RSV at a month old as well. He used to catch literally everything to the point that he saw an immunologist after getting hand foot and mouth 3xs back to back, strep multiple times