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Freedomizer Radio is a unique network home to several shows focused on news, activism, and of course, FREEDOM! No constant Republican-Democrat fighting. Just the REAL news the Lamestream does not want you to know about. Find show schedules, host bios, a chat room and more at our home page www.FreedomizerRadio.com Anything and Everything against the New World Order!

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Thomas and Danielle are the founders of HUGS-Humans Unifying Global Solutions Inc, a nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating the pioneering Solutionaries of the world by providing support through: grants, media, marketing, new paradigm collaboration/governance models and providing coherent and practical systems for individual and group self actualization- Bridging the gap between the Subjective and Objective realms, empowering others by guiding them to their inner authorities and helping them to realize their authentic connection to Source. We are on a mission to help the human realize their wholeness, so that the human can assume it's reintegrated role in the whole. As above, so Below, As within, So without- Helping humanity to both ascend into higher frequencies and to ground in it's emanation- Using ancient technology like Astrology and the Iching, indigenous wisdom, and various tools to reorder the psyche. Through these Psychospiritual applications, we believe the evolution and spontaneous mutation of the species is occurring. As we begin to reclaim our true creative powers, taking on the responsibility and honor, we realize that each one of us is an infinite creator and we truly begin our relationship and communion with all that exists as a now active participant. We are currently living in Costa Rica working on our marketing company Triple Bottom Line and our Light Language projects. We are researching, documenting and implementing the best practices for Communication and Collaboration models like Sociocracy and Holacracy. Being out of the States for the last four years and traveling Central and South America in various communities, has provided us with great insight and experience as to what some of the biggest dilemmas are in this Consciousness/Regenerative movement. The internal and the external work needs to coincide! facebook.com/hugsunifyingglobalsolutions www.hugs.world
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