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Julie is one of my closest friends and is one amazing woman she works many jobs to support her family and never complains she is such a strong and beautiful soul.. I am blessed to have her as a friend and so happy she will be my guest this Monday. From Julie.. "I never thought about autism but it is in my life × 3. I'm one of those people who feel autism has increased to 1 in 68 due to vaccines. My younger twin brothers live with it and didn't start out that way. They were normal healthy babies that progressed as they should until their mmr vaccine. The change wasn't sudden and back 25 years ago autism wasn't common. WHY IS IT SO COMMON NOW? My youngest son is on the spectrum and has other issues due to his vaccines that the drs assured me had improved, I didn't know....I believed them. Now there is more information out and IF my children receive a vaccine it is one at a time. Saddly these are required to attend public school.. "
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we'll think of something to talk about -- weird stuff, in any case

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