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    Join us for a fierce conversation with health economist Jane Sarasohn-Kahn (Blogger at HealthPopuli and HealthcareDIY) about social media and the role of Big Pharma. For starters, is there a role for them? Tune in to find out. Survivor spotlight on Greg Grappone.

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    Bringing Down Big Pharma

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    Jeff Hays is a serial entrepreneur and filmmaker with a long colorful history of visionary projects. Following his passion for sharing truth, and exposing the controversy that all too often surrounds it, Jeff produced "Doctored" in 2012. Doctored, reveals the unseen tactics of the medical establishment and exposes deception and criminality at the highest levels of the American Medical Association (AMA) and finally shares the stories of victims left in it's wake. Jeff is currently producing a follow up film "Bought", taking a deep dive into the business of Big Pharma, the controversies with vaccines and the truth about GMOs in America's food supply. The film has already developed the support of some of the world's most acclaimed experts in research, medicine,  and natural health. Based upon the film's trailer, it has been dubbed controversial by media outlets even though it focuses on educating the public and arming people globally with the truth and facts about Big Pharma, vaccines and the food supply. Jeff believes that each person has a right to the truth and be empowered by the facts in order to make educated decisions about their own health, food and medicine.
    Links discussed in the show:
    boughtmovie.com - trailer and email list
    jeffhaysfilms.com Jeff's other productions

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    Alternatives to Big Pharma in Everyday Language

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    Do you want to improve your energy & overall health? 

    Achieve a deeper healing and better health on both physical & emotional levels? 

    Join us as Lorene Benoit provides us with solutions that are safe and effective alternatives to Big Pharma.

    Lorene Benoit is a Natural Health Consultant and Educator, Bachelor of Education, Certified Herbal Consultant, Iridologist and a Contact Reflex Analyst. Additional certifications include Live Blood Analysis, Western & Chinese Herbs, Nutrition, Massage and Energy Healing.  She discovered her passion for natural healing, herbs and nutrition in 1974.  After ten years of teaching Kindergarten - College she began to dedicate her life to sharing and teaching others about effective natural health.  In 1984 Lorene founded Benoit Health, offering training to health practitioners and the public Canada wide, from workshops to annual 4 day herbal intensives each summer.  In 2010 Lorene authored The Paw Paw Program: A Christopher Columbus Approach to Cancer, an integrative approach to healing Cancer and other chronic conditions, and published a 2nd Edition in 2013.

    Lorene has emerged as a leading natural health practitioner and wellness coach training Certified Herbalists and Natural Health Consultants assisting many in starting their own business.  Her passion is teaching health in everyday language.  

    Lorene Benoit site

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    Autism and Big Pharma

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    Join us this Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. Central, 8:00 p.m. Eastern time with my co-host, Russell Pappalardo, The Mighty Phoenix with our special guest, Leah Lonebear as we discuss how Autism has affected our lives and what role the pharmaceutical industry has played in both creating Autism and keeping you in the dark about it.  We will also be discussing vaccine dangers and ways to combat Autism if you or a loved one has Autism in your family.

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    Moving Away from Big Pharma Naturally

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    So many are addicted to the drugs that are prescribed to them and feel a need to run to the doctor for a prescription at the least little thing.  The side effects alone of many drugs creates a vicious cycle which people get swallowed up in.  There are ways to gradually move away from this cycle and start reclaiming your life and your health in a natural way.  On today's show we will discuss this.  Your calls are welcome at (347) 855-8052 today at 1:00 pm EST.

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    Big Pharma

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    Big Pharma, Can we educate ourself one the Health Industry?

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    Apathy No More "Big Pharma"

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    Tonight, our host, Sean Auten, makes his Triumphant return.
    The subject of the day is "Big Pharma". 
     We will be discussing the direct effects of medication, who is profiting from it, and why the FDA pushes said drugs through, without a second look.
    Tonight join Sean Auten on the NWO TRUTH RADIO NETWORK

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    Tammy Texas and The Mighty Phoenix Discuss Big Pharma and Prepping for The NWO

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    We will be discussing vaccination dangers, Big Pharma, mind control television, the chicanery of elections and prepping for the New World Order.  Russ R.J. Pappalardo Sr., The Mighty Phoenix knows every aspect of the agenda of the New World Order, a Zionist conspiracy.  We also will be having very special guests, who will all be confirming and verifying these insidious conspiracies.

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    Podcast #2- Before Big Pharma- how to take care of ourselves

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    starting this week I am going to feature one drug put out for  "mental health"  and describe in detail its inception,marketing,target patients, chemical composition, use and "side effects. Todays  drug will be Thorazine.

    Then onto the topic- this week I will be talking about our bodies- anatomy and physiology- or how are bodies are put together and how it wall works- according to modern understanding of the body. I am laying this foundaton down for future topics as how to take care of ourselves without the use of pharmacy- if possible- I am not totally anti pharmacy- but handing out powerful mind altering chemicals wihout much screening or thought is morally wrong and criminal. I had seen this done numerous times to different family members.

    I will open the phones up for the final 10 minutes of the show for comments/ questions.

    so join me this week and feel free to leave comments./questions and topics you would like covered on this show!

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    The My Big Girl Panties Show with Special Guest J'son M. Lee

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    Michelle "Big Body" Cuttino and Stephanie "Big Sexy" Adkins bring you The My Big Girl Panties Show. A Show dedicated to embracing, enlightening and empowering the plus-size population. 

    Our spotlight guest is J'son M. Lee. J'son M. Lee is the Owner & President of Sweet Georgia Press, a multi-dynamic publishing and editing firm based in Baltimore, MD.  He was born in Lewiston, NC, and resides in Baltimore, MD, where he enjoys a fulfilling, yet busy life that includes managing commercial properties, writing books, editing, food and entertainment, and spending time with loved ones. Lee is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a multiple award-winning author who creates works that challenge the notion of normalcy. Lee is also a writer and celebrity interviewer at Proud Times Magazine in Spokane, WA, and host of a monthly BlogTalkRadio show, A Different Kind of Love.

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    The Q-Spot with Big Body - Two-Year Anniversary Special

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    Big Body Broadcasting & The Q-Spot with Big Body celebrate their Two-Year Anniversary Show! With well over 35,000 Listeners, we are so grateful for our dedicated audience.

    During this special broadcast, we will showcase authors Ni'chelle Genovese, Paige Green, J'son M. Lee, Drica Armstrong, Nigeria Lockley, and many more. We also have special guests and some awesome surprises.

    The Q-Spot with Big Body looks forward to bringing you another year of the best new authors, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals. Thank you for your continued support. We appreciate it, and we appreciate YOU!

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