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Ebony Imhotep

The Black Madonna Unedited and Unafraid


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So there you are, patrolling her outfit, taking a stand against her option to wear stilettos and why? Because there's a rapist on the loose. So shouldn't you be more interested in what he's wearing than the victim? Join me as we discuss the... more

Yes, we are going to touch on the benefits of being single, how to keep oneself busy, productive, and happy until adjoining onto another. Far too often we believe that the path to happiness runs through someone else when in fact, it's... more

Is it just me, or are black males MAD AS HELL? The question is WHY? Why is the black male so angry? Is it black women, is it white men, or is it his own inadequecies and insecurities? Tune in and I'll tell you why black males are mad... more

So being that Part 1 was so intense, we're going to to it again, back to back. We're discovering the creation of The Phallus Strking Handmaided.

You've seen her, you've met her, and you've even attempted to befriend her. The Phallus Stroking Handmaiden! Oh yes, you know who I'm talking about. She's the one screaming about how much she hates women and that all of her... more

The African Proverb "It takves a Village to raise a child" is one commonly used, but not thoroughly understood. The "Village" is a complete system that not only benefits the children, but the adults involved. The Village reinforces values,... more

Let's talk about "The Big Mama" persona. Big Mama was known for holding the family together, she would feed anybody, and sometimes had a no good man that she kept around because he was the father of her children and to be a single... more

During this segment, we'll discuss the issues surrounding why men and women cheat on their mates. Who's to blame if anyone and how can one prevent their mate from seeking intimacy elsewhere? We will also discuss methods that will... more

Let's get together for Part 2 of last weeks topic where we dealt with sexual misconduct within religious organizations. Call in number:1(347)826-7752 Time:7:00 pm. Let's talk about it!

This Friday, we will discuss the tearing of the moral fiber within Religious organizations stemming from the Church to the Mosque. What's happened to the moral structure within these organizations? Can it be repaired, and if so, how?... more