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SwCA Episode 182: How to Use Your Voice to Succeed in a Phone Job Interview!

  • Broadcast in Business
Courtney Elizabeth Anderson

Courtney Elizabeth Anderson


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SHOW NOTES: his is our COMMUNICATIONS COMMUNIQUÉ™ series! Our ability to express our ideas is critical to achieving any of our goals in life. We may possess the secret to eternal life and perpetual joy but if it is trapped inside our thoughts with no way to share it with others it is useless. When we speak, write, stand, touch, move, see, hear, taste and use any of our body to express what is in our mind we are able to create real life manifestations of our internal thoughts. 

Writing, speaking and using our body language are some of the most common paths that we utilize to express our ideas externally. This is the field of communications! 

We explore the techniques to most effectively express our ideas in this series. The series is very important as the most brilliant ideas are nullified by the failure to effectively marshall our pathways of idea delivery (it is not what we say but how we say it). Due to the very important nature of each of these shows they are therefore each a communiqué. Thus, our series name, COMMUNICATIONS COMMUNIQUÉ™, is born!


“5 a :  a technique for expressing ideas effectively (as in speech)”

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Definition of COMMUNIQUÉ 

“an official announcement about a usually very important piece of news”

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I will utilize my experience in professions where elite level use of communications is required including as an attorney, professor, television and radio performer, and keynote spea