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"The Matt Duffin Show" - TBI Sad? TBI Happy? TBI Confused!

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Brain Injury Radio

Brain Injury Radio


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What to do, What to do.....I have a show tonight, uh, what to DO?  I know, go back to watching Sunday morning T.V...

Channel 110 has "Gidget" on.  Sally Fields, she's always happy.  What's on MeTV?  "The Exes", now there's a funny way to face divorce.  Rerun, like my life (3 marriges, ya know - all over with).  Next.  Just flip the 'dial'....Chantex comercial tellilng me the side effects of 'non smoking' chewing gum may include my mental health.  Humm.  Sure, OK.  *flip*  Sports choices?  Bowling, Bull Riding and Golf.  Oh Boy!  I mean, geeesh.  No football, and its Sunday!  Movie channels (but you'll have to focus...): Gladiator; Jack Nichelson something, gotta be serious.  Old Western flick, "Santa Fe Trail".  Wait, Ronald Regon stars in this one, you can't be serious!    HBO has "Wardens", "Warm Bodys" and "Bullet to the Head".  Man, all so serious and sad.  If not deep following focus.  Where's 'The Andy Griffith Show", or "The Jetsons"?  "Maude", "Leave it to Beaver" or "Barney Miller" when you need them....

You see, and especially the early months of a TBI, the mixed up moments are confusing to a situation.  You may laugh in church, or cry unexpetedly at the dinner table.  Ignore a solem seating, or overlook safety.  And more, much more.  Uh, you have rattled your brain with a TBI, all parts and functions!  Some memories or thoughts, ways will return, some not.  Again, you have RATTLED your brain, bruised parts, killed parts.  Bruising will heal, in due time.  The dead cells?  Already being 'buried' with brand new cells (don't drink!).  Call, or have your Mom call me.  I and WE have been through this....