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The Early Chines Civilizations by National Geographic

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The Early Chines Civilizations by the National Geographic account.


Here is proof by The Shang Dynasty of B.C. 1750 antiquity, govern its masses by knowledge of Paganism, the only natural and civilized way to life people are to experience, not like the 600 B.C. European criminal barbaric uncivilized beastly rule.

Note the early antiquity Chines political structure not one of evil terror that invaded neighbors and kill them for wealth and land like European fools. Like rulers in Mesopotamia and Egypt, early Chines kings were buried with the corpses of their faithful servants in royal tombs. The Chines believed in supernatural forces with which they could communicate to obtain help in worldly affairs. To communicate with the gods, rulers made use oracle bones, priests scratched questions asked by the rulers, such as: will the king be victorious in battle.
The king was seen as a link between Heaven and Earth, These rituals were critical to maintaining functional links to the king's duties.The Mandate of Heaven. What was the mandate of Heaven?It was believed that Heaven-- which was an impersonal law of nature-- kept order in the Universe through the Zhou king. Thus, he ruled over all humanity by a mandate, or authority to command, from Heaven. The king, who was chosen to rule because of his talent and virtue, was then responsible for ruling the people with goodness and efficiency. The concept of the heavenly mandate became a basic principle of Chinese statecraft.