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We're making a distinction between B.C. & A.D. worldviews. B.C. = the origin of humanity. A.D. = a fictional depiction of life. Come learn the difference!

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In approaching the historical Jesus no question of his deity arises, since before the paganising of Jewish belief in the development of Christianity no authority identify the Messiah with the logos, the eternal Word of God,or conceived the Messiah to be an incarnation of God. The right understanding of Jesus commences with the realization that he identified himself with the fulfillment of the Messianic Hope. Only on this basis do the traditions about him become wholly intelligible. We have to accept the absolute sincerity of Jesus. But this does not require us to think of him as omniscient and infalible. With the birth stories of Jesus, and of John the Baptist also, we past directly from the world of sober reality into the world of fairy-tale. The presentation of what takes place does not distinguish at all. Between the factual and the legendary,and no criteria are provided to enable us to separate the one from the other. Quoted from the "Passover Plot," by Hugh J. Schonfield
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According to the Jehovah's witnesses, GOD's purpose for the earth is good. Jehovah wants the earth to be filled with happy, healthy people. All lies! The bible says that God planted a garden in Eden and that he made to grow...every tree... more

National Geographic world history textbook states; Although modern science has given more precise methods for examing the prehistory of humankind than we have ever had before,much of our understanding of early humans still... more

Saint Paul said not even the princes of earth knew about Jesus' birth or Pilate would not have killed him. But all bible believing people think that all prophesied widely and anounced the coming of the Messiah Christ, and there is the... more

1) We must know the difference between the provincial historic world, from the biblical fictional province. World history is about people of the past, and a record of literal or in other words, parochial; which defines to be... more

No inscrutable fictional God existed prior to A.D. 1 or A.D. 325. And the world did not become overpopulated under the B.C. population but the wold swiftly populated since Christianity was inaugurated. Why since God and Jesus come... more

Succinctly stated by National Geographic; No (1) The history of the world and specifically of intelligent people, is "a record of the past." It is the story of the human community--how people live on a daily basis,how they shared ideas, how... more

If the bible tells the truth, that a spirit God controls all things, loves and protects people, his words are powerful and no one can hide their deeds from God. He is forgiving, benevolent and merciful --if that is the case why so many evil deeds... more

People like you and I grow up in the violence the Romans spread in the A.D. world, over 2015 years. They had enough time to imposed their evil will on people, by forcing them to accept the fraudulent fictional story of God. Further... more

My brother Ruel offered this question as follows: He asked; when we were in Africa, before the European criminal invasion, did we know anything about Jesus? Since all that we know today of God and his son Jesus Christ, were taught to us... more

The riots in Baltimore after the untimely death of Freddie Gray, at the hands of Baltimore police officers has set off an interesting series of commentary. It is notable to me that report brands Freddy Gray, a small-time criminal, but called... more