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C.D. - Should I Care about a "Botched" Execution of a Murderer-Rapist?

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God’s Peace Be Upon You!

 Saturday, May 3rd, on Critical Discourse

Let me understand something.

Clayton Lockett, who raped and killed a 19-year old woman to death, then watched, as his pals buried her alive, died on the gurney, in a way that prolonged his “suffering”. So, it wasn’t the chemical combo that killed him, but an ensuing heart attack.

So, we’re supposed to engage in a “debate” about “transparency” and “disclosure”?

The ultimate objective of a civilized people, in enacting justice, should not be the desire for naked revenge, but to serve a reminder to society, that extreme, anti-social, anti-societal behavior will not be tolerated.

Yet, we are so tested, when we read about Lockett, and I have to wonder out loudm why such a "concern" for HIS well-being? Why does this become a pathway to examining the efficacy of the death-penalty? What about the victim (s)?

Once again, one democrat of the CBC, apparently having nothing better to do, publicy rebuked Clarence Thomas as an "Uncle Tom”. 

Why? Is he confused on family definitions? Supports infanticide of black babies? Produces "gansta-rap”? Perhaps, he glorifies “single mothers” are the ideal for the black family? Publicly berates black men at church meetings?

Nope, Based on his votes, he’s against Affirmative Action.

When will this end?

I will go more in-depth, to his most excellent book, My Grandfather’s Son, to set the record straight, about Justice Thomas. In fact, this may prove to be an "UT-revealing session"!