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A talk radio format that discusses current events and other issues in the human experience, from a Muslim perspective.

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It appears that the passion and angst over the killing of 18-year old Michael Brown, is continuing. While the rioting and looting have subsided, intense through all of this, is the sense of uncertainty, from the perspective of many, as to whether or not justice will prevail. Attorney General Holder visited Ferguson on Wednesday, to assure support in the process, on a federal level. Invariably, the shooting of Brown, conjures memories of what was thought to be from a bygone era; maybe in truth, it is bygone, but somewhere in this dynamic, perceptions prevail, given the seemingly unchanged and dismal condition of black people in America. In truth, some have even correlated the shooting and ensuring response on the part of the police, to worldwide situations, such as the events that seem to be spiraling out of control in Gaza. In truth, are the riots racial in nature, as has been suggested by some in the major media? Also, Critical Discourse is proud to bring to the Roundtable, Abdul-Hakeem Abdullah, of Muslim Men in Action, as we ask him to weigh in on the aforementioned events and the role and mission of MMA.
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1:00PM - This week's Khutbah is done by Imaam Salim Mu'min, Masjid Wali Muhammad- Detroit, MI The title of his topic is: Qur'anic Analysis, Logic and Application The Jumah Khutbah (sermon) is a part of the weekly gathering of... more

Saint Louis Protest interviews

MUBAASHIR AKHTAB, from Brooklyn, NY and IMAM MATEEN from Rhode Island - brings a "message of concern" as expoused by Imam Wallace Deen Mohammed.

Radio Host, Shahid Abdullah is the author of the book, ?Success is Automatic,? and originator of a new line of fashion, ?The Bilalian Shirts and Suits for men.? ?The Strategy of Success? radio program will discuss many topics and give the... more

Radio Host Bro. KARIM ABDUL RAHIM ,Bro. YAQUB ISLAM and SISTER SALEEMAH HADI discuss topics of concern from a Al-Islamic prospect regarding education, nature community life and other issues from the Bronx, Manhattan,... more

TRUE HUMAN RADIO! - Calling all true humans!!! Tonight's highly anticipated LIVE program features three segments: 1) THE GREAT ELIMINATION Pt. 2 with Instructor Benjamin Bilal Hear Instructor Bilal's comments on Imam W. D.... more

Just a few moments ago (yesterday afternoon), attorneys for the family of slain teenager, Michael Brown, issued a statement, calling for justice, that they say is forthcoming, and expressing outrage at what they and many, consider to be... more

TOPIC: THE POWER OF PATIENCE The Jumah Khutbah is the sermon given by a Community Leader, usually an Imam. The Khutbah (sermon) is done at the weekly gathering of Muslims who come together to perform the Jumah prayer.

IMAM YUSUF RAMADAN & WILLIAM KAREEM discuss current events happening in St. Louis, New York City, and how they relate to the international events happening in GAZA/ISRAEL.
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