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Reading The Intro To The Last Show That Didnt Go Thru

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here's part of the text: Let me first start by stating, Mali, Somalia, Libya, etc, the blood of African children are on Obama's hands! Black Libyans, 58% of what was the populace under Gaddafi in the best living conditions in Africa, better than Russia. Gaddafi had allies with such moral authority as Nelson Mendela. The black Libyans are now being lynched in a country suffering by civil war, those Libyans are called mercenaries and sent to the fire, everyday by genocidal tactics backed by the US and NATO from the Benghazi Nazis who took over, not to mention the chemical warfare, these are the real Al-Qaida, who like in Afghanistan, turn on the US, as I predicted, as what happened with the ambassador. Some of these Libyans took refuge with their weapons to Mali, and are now under attack there but now Al-Qaida is taking over there. In Libya gold and oil was stolen, in Mali as well, and its not just a recolonalization by France, but with US cooperation, to take their uranium for more nukes. 
Bush invented that Iraq was trying to get uranium from Niger to get nukes, but unlike Bush, Obama is assassinating Americans including a 16 year old in Yemen on the other side of the Red Sea by cowardly drone strike, not far from Somalia, where they have also got strikes, where the French also attack, the Red Sea is red with the blood of those killed on Obama's orders, the son of a Muslim African! And you have Americans who never even heard of a drone! Iran got a hold of a drone, the US monopoly on drones wont be for long and if this continues the drones will be used on us and we will make a real threat or the CIA will plan another false flag operation to get the public behind more imperialist intervention as NATO gets out of control and veto corruption at the UN continues.