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You say conspiracy, take out the 'con' and we say, it has some truth to it. Let's verify what we know, leave propaganda at the door, step away from mainstream media and re-learn from inside out. Melainnation, the proof is in the truth, it's what you already know.

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A call for unity calls for a cry from within. We must feel the need to bust out of failed patterns that have we the people on the bottom. The system does not work for the 99 percent and that 99 percent has been devided within itself. The cry... more

Hotwordz Lyrical Theatre came out the box asking, ?How do you create?' and from our first guests EvolutionBKnown & Meek to Viral Moon, we've seen a lot of talent and experienced growth. We've had a lot of fun. We've seen the alter-ego... more

Hosted by Ma'am Gg The StoryTeller Devil seems to be a word that has the world scared and running. From what though? Are they scared of a devil like they are scared of a boogey man? Are they scared of a devil like they are scared of... more

Hosted by Ma'am Gg The StoryTeller The Jews puts their finger on their lips and say shh, you are not allowed to speak the name of God, then they take the o out and spell it G-D, but God is a title like President and Yahweh is created with a... more

Over 2000 years ago, a story about a Savior was told. This story, be it clever and deceiving told in many ways using many names only to keeping generations busy living in ignorance and fear. Planted stories with a thousand variations will keep... more

*As the story goes Lucifer, the fallen one landed on the earth and was bound, then set free to cause havoc on everyday peoples until Jesus come. And since I have been here on this earth, the cry has been ?Come Lord Jesus, Come?. But... more

Denial, depression, embarrassment, anger, attacking and if you are lucky, acceptance of the truth as part of the structure that makes up how we learn to deal with deception. Most of us received the story of Christianity from... more

It's a West Coast thing and on the subject on the Melanin Nation, Ma'am Gg and Wayne Ruth has much to say. Ruth is coming back to get in the HOT Spot in Ovasi's Views 'Truth Be Told', here on the ghetto truth Magazine in Stereo.... more

Etymology is the study of words, the origin and history of words and how they change over time. Words are comprised of alphabets, essentially glyphs that are strung together. In order to truly understand words, the meaning of the words we... more

Part 1 of Changing Channels: Understanding Your Vibration Frequencies with Henry Haney answered many questions about this realm and our place in it. This sort of truth could only be found in your inner-self which will be highlighted... more