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After Christianity Part 4 with Guest Angela Oya|Ovasi's View:Truth Be Told

  • Broadcast in Religion



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Hosted by Ma'am Gg The StoryTeller

The Jews puts their finger on their lips and say shh, you are not allowed to speak the name of God, then they take the o out and spell it G-D, but God is a title like President and Yahweh is created with a Germanic /w/ phoneme which was written as ⟨VV⟩ or ⟨uu⟩ (⟨u⟩ and ⟨v⟩ becoming distinct only by the Early Modern period) by the 7th or 8th century by the earliest writers of Old English and Old High German. Gothic (not Latin-based), by contrast, simply used a letter based on the Greek Υ for the same sound. And why the message got out that no one should speak the name of God, but since the scriptures speak of other gods and the Greek loves many gods and they come with names like Aphrodite – Goddess of beauty; one of the twelve Olympians Apollo – God of poetry, music, and the sun and the prophecy; an Olympian
 Ares – God of war; an Olympian Artemis – Goddess of the hunt and of the moon; an Olympian Athena – Goddess of wisdom, defensive war, and Athens; an Olympian
 Demeter – Goddess of the harvest and of nature, often considered an Olympian
Dionysus – God of wine, he took Hestia's place as an Olympian Eris – Goddess of discord  Eos – Goddess of the dawn Gaia – Primordial Goddess of earth, and mother of the Titans Hades – God of the underworld, often considered an Olympian  Hecate – Goddess of Witchcraft and crossroads Helios – God who drives of the sun: a primordial
 Hephaestus – God of smiths and fire; an Olympian

This is a few and if you get into The Book of Enoch, the flip side will flip you out, Come back for Part 4 with Ma’am Gg and Guest Angela Oya. Please send your questions ahead of time to theghettotruthmagazine@hotwordz