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    Dr. Teddy Love show featuring The lovely Ms. Ridely

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    Teddy Love is host of the Teddy Love Show, a call-in blog talk radio program which features his short monologues on dating, relationships, sex, and marriage as well as his responses to callers' requests for personal advice. Teddy Love’s answers have been variously characterized as direct, wise, to-the-point, and with love and humor. School of Dating said that his show, "preaches, teaches, and explains, the whole area of sex and relationships.” Taylor previously utilized his platform as a stand-up comedian with National Security of the World (NSW) along with the radio show to help teach his messages. Lately he’s concentrated his efforts as a dating and relationship coach and on authoring a book about dating, sex, and love.
    Also featuring:
    Danika  Ridely has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Media and Marketing. She has been a licensed massage therapist for ten years, and is working on becoming a certified relationship coach. She has hosted various shows, events, and been in a number of music videos. She has experienced a wide range of sexcapades that have helped her to truly understand the male and female species. She’s come to let guys into the mind and heart of a beautiful woman. 
    Read more: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/teddyloveradio/2014/06/12/dr-teddy-love-and-friends-radio#ixzz3AP5TcgpU

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    Episode 1: Adam and Eve

    in Relationships

    Join Sloan and Rae as they explore the first people to ever do it, Adam and Eve!
    Listen to their crazy musings, this and every Wednesday at 10pm!
    Let us know what you think! Send your questions or comments to TheOralHour@gmail.com.
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    Sloan @British Thug on Facebook
    Rae @PoetRaeMonet across all platforms (FB, IG, Twitter, etc.)

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    Relaionship Hotline at the Emergency Room

    in Relationships

    Relationships are the heart of human existence.
    We have relationships with everyone we meet and with people we never meet because we are all on the same planet. However....
    There are those few we feel connected with; attracted to; a magical sense of being together. And, so we get closer to those few and closer and closer until we are the closest we can be. We get wrapped up. We learn to live together. We get all up in each others' everything.
    "Love is HOT until it's NOT."
    Tonight the good Dr. Eric Lovejoy will invite callers to come in for a diagnosis.
    Of course an ER needs a good TRAUMA TEAM, so any callers can stay on the line and help be a panel to help others who are suffering in their relationships.
    An ER is a TEAM EFFORT.
    Call in for this BRAND NEW SHOW  and let's start a relationship!
    Dr. Eric Lovejoy

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    How To Embrace Your Faith In Dating

    in Relationships

    Author of several successful book Dedric speaks to the faith of dating in which in this episodes he shares what keep most single people from actually finding the mate God has for them so as he lays the groundwork for dating. Many will see his thought process is not that of society, the world, or church tradtions as he expounds on the nature of the dating scene. 

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    Why do Some People Attract Negative Situations in Life while Other Don't"

    in Relationships

    Today I'll be discussing why some people seem to get all the breaks while others don't. Why some people attract to themselves negative situations as if they had an invisible sign on their back saying 'jerk me around' 'kick me' or 'use me'.  I experienced for years that invisible sign and could not figure out what was going on ..... until I understood this one principle ______________ which removed that sign on my back forever!
    To find out what that principle is, tune in to next weeks broadcast of 'Who Do You Say That I AM?' 

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    How To Get What You Really Want

    in Relationships

    Almost all of us believe that in order to be happy, we have to get what we want. As adults we know this isn’t possible but the conviction remains. We especially expect those who love us to do what we want. We have strategies to get our way but these carry the risk of harming the relationship. In the end what we really want may not be what we have thought.
    Link: http://centerofintention.com/blog-posts/
    Learn more about Dr. Sandra Egli:   Sandra Egli, Th.D.
    To schedule an appointment: Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Egli

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    Just a Welcome to My Show

    in Relationships

    To survive marriage these days ya need the proper tools and you can join me each week right here to build something beautiful…The Coach is Here!
    Have an awesome day and see ya next week.

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    Is Marriage Becoming Obsolete???

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    According to reports, marriage will be extinct in 30 years. With divorce on the rise, marriage at an all time low, and nontraditional families becoming more common, the fate of marriage is questionable. 
    In the midst of a dark outlook, one long-standing couple is determined to serve as a beacon of light. One Flesh Ministries, Inc. was born from the desire is to see marriages thrive based on Biblical principles. Founders Robert and Natalie Watts married in 1998 and their mission is to "obtain the fullness of what God intended when He created a man and a woman and joined the two" to become one flesh. 
    Robert was ordained in 2002.  He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, a Masters in Biblical Studies, and a Doctorate in Ministry. He is certified in Christian Marriage Counseling and was awarded a Doctorate in Christian Life Counseling. For his outstanding service, Com-Ed honored Robert as a neighborhood hero through their Power of One program.
    Natalie obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Art & Design with a minor in Theater. She is certified as a Christian Leaders, Authors, & Speakers Seminars Communicator and received a Doctorate in Christian Education. She founded Younique Design, which specializes in custom designs with a purpose. She also started MUDWorks, which provides services to help people become effective in any relationship by understanding themselves and others. 
    Robert & Natalie have released their new book for married and engaged couples: 11:11 What Time Is It? They are Certified as Marriage Mentors through U.C.A.N. and also train other mentors. More information about their ministry can be found at www.onefleshministries.com.

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    You weren't expecting this...Music Edition!

    in Relationships

    So my guest host Lucas Cool will be making an appearance and interviewing an up and coming artist! This is a first for the show and will be one that you don't want to miss! Check out it out!

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    True Love Happens: The Keys to True Love

    in Relationships

    Join the Maestro, Joseph Lento, and the Maestra, Karen Biehl, as we share what we consider to be the keys to True Love.  We were able to find and be with each other, because we both let go of beliefs and stopped engaging in actions that were blocking us from love.  Through following certain steps, practices and mindsets, we can prepare for and attract the True Love we are meant to have.  
    We will also tell of upcoming projects, events and exciting news in the near future.    
    True Love Happens!  It happened to us and it can happen to you too.  

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    What Are The Qualities of A GREAT Relationship?

    in Relationships

    This is Truth After Hourz with the Truth Crew of Demonica (Lady D), Jay T, Authoress Anoshi, T.P. Horton and Talisa!  
    We talk relationships and love, we get down and dirty, we even get spiritual!  This is a show you DON'T want to miss!!                                                            
    Be sure to call in live (657) 383-0491, Monday-Friday 9pm EST.
    Let's Talk!