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Urban Therapy with Sun

Urban Therapy with Sun


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Urban Therapy with Sun is a movement that is focused on the improvement of physical and mental health. We hold regular exercise sessions, teach about better and healthier foods and the evils of GMO and high fructose corn syrup, processed foods etc. We charter field trips and constantly stress communication, fellowship and consistency. We cover every social topic that you can imagine from an intelligent, insightful, hood perspective. Love, family, health, sex, jobs, self-improvement and our youth are always on deck. The Daily Gogetemism Show is a shorter daily affirmation show that covers the same as UTWS. Legacy of s Nation is the movement that represents the Aboriginal Community of North and South America and the Caribbean Islands. Those are Black people to you and I.

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To you, what is someone doing when they are being childish and/or immature? Are they being selfish? Aren't children taught to share? Are they refusing to commit? Are they trying to stay young, or recapture their youth? Do they tease... more

Was he pious,was he black, was he crazy? what could cause a man to take up arms against his community to fight Liberty of slaves?

What can happen to make the thing that you used to like the most get demoted to 2nd or 3rd best? Do you have to ask yourself if it was really that good in the 1st place, or fid we like it for a different reason? How do we choose our favorite... more

Getting a divorce hurts, but it hurts different after 40. Losing a job hurts, but it hurts different after 40. Having a child is an event, but it's a different kind of event after 40. Meeting someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with is a... more

Extra long weave, too many piercings, too many tattoos, too much jewelry, car accessories, attitude, skimpy clothes, nails, lashes, eyebrows, colors, colors colors......

We all have done things that we regret. Sometimes it's not even about what we did. Sometimes your favorite team has a bad year. That will be the year that comes up when you start talking to the opposition.

One day at a time is the slogan for recovering drug addicts, but do you have to be on drugs to relate to it? One day at a time could probably apply to a lot of people going through a lot of things in their lives. What about you? What are you... more

We saw a murderer receive hugs from a brother of the victim, the judge and get her hair stroked by the bailiff. How do you feel about that? What do you think about that? Even the father of the victim said that he wanted to be friends... more

Buy a house, rent it out,pay the mortgage with the rent, buy another house. REPEAT! How can you make money with just a litle money, in real estate? Do you have to have a lot of moey to buy a house? What are your options?

What does it take for you give all of yourself to something? Do you really give all of yourself when you claim to give all of yourself? Are you afraid to give all of yourself without leaving something out?