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Urban Therapy with Sun is a movement that is focused on the improvement of physical and mental health. We hold regular exercise sessions, teach about better and healthier foods and the evils of GMO and high fructose corn syrup, processed foods etc. We charter field trips and constantly stress communication, fellowship and consistency. We cover every social topic that you can imagine from an intelligent, insightful, hood perspective. Love, family, health, sex, jobs, self-improvement and our youth are always on deck. The Daily Gogetemism Show is a shorter daily affirmation show that covers the same as UTWS. Legacy of s Nation is the movement that represents the Aboriginal Community of North and South America and the Caribbean Islands. Those are Black people to you and I.

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Should women follow their men's lead in most situations, or are too many men ill-equipped to lead effectively? What does taking the lead mean to most heterosexual couples? Is it "Happy wife, Happy life" or is it that home is the man's castle and all things need to come through him? Why does there seem to be so much resistance by women to let the man lead in today's society? Can he not be trusted? Do most men want to take the lead in relationships, or are they okay with sharing the load? Is it a money thing? Does whoever make the most make the rules? Are the rules made to be obnoxious and overbearing to women? What happens when women dictate the rules in a relationship? Is there a such thing as equality in relationships and marriage?
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Is there a such thing as people leaving you alone for no reason at all, or is there usually more to it?

What is the value in purchasing things that are brand new?

People make fools of themselves when they start to brag, but they don't even see it. They just keep talking. Getting into battles and competitions with people that aren't even competing with them and still losing. What's going on on the inside... more

Is it just a cliche, or have some people really done it? What does putting something 1st mean?

When your patience seems to be running out with the people who are closest to you, whose fault is it?

What do you do when the only person you have is the one that you have to beware of the most?

Can cheating, lying, stealing and other anti-social behaviors be a rite of passage in life, or are they forever?

We all do it at times. Sometimes because we want to and sometimes before we're forced to.

There are times when we do it like children do it. It didn't work then and it doesn't work now though.

Some people can't see below the surface. Is there something below the surface?