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nothing but truth

Nothing But The Truth


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Our show talks about issues that involve everyday life that the mainstream media will not speak or give full details about. From love and relationships to black history, politics, civil rights, police brutality, and injustices throughout the land. Are you tired of the same old news that really does not give any news but just straight lies? Are you fed up with listening to the issues that do not reflect your community and the issues revolving around your community, if you say yes then you are at the right place. At nothing but the truth we are going to give you truthful knowledge and news so you can have the facts you need to have for empowerment and true freedom from the chains of society that lingers you from having true knowledge of ones self and how to change the game around in your favor.

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Are you a jump off in his eyes? Find out ways to detect if you are in a position to become one. Also how to turn the tables around on himAre you a jump off in his eyes? Find out ways to detect if you are in a position to become one. Also how... more

We were told to go to school get good grades and you will end up with a good job. As you can see once you these things you get mounts of debt instead from school loans to defaults on your home loans. Listen to why the united states... more

Alot of men do not look at themselves of having value. This is completely untrue. In fact men have value. Listen to why this is going on and how to get pass this myth.

We are living in times where most men will hop on anything that gives them the slightest attention. This make them look so desperate. Listen up on how you can get more women when fliping the situation from being deseperate to... more

Tonight we will discuss the reasons why people choose to stay in toxic relationships. You as the listener must decide if you are in this particular relationship and want to walk away from it or suffer the harsh road that lies... more

sexual desires comes from the surface and the intersurface of ones mind. We will discuss on why we have these thoughts and why they can sometimes pop up while we are at work or doing things where these thoughts or desires should not... more

why is that some people must have more then one partner for a relationship? is it the sex, money, attention, or thrills. Get school on what is really going on.

What are true friends? Listen up as i go into details on how you can tell who are on yourself side with the good times and bad bad times.

have you seen some of the following movies: Fatal Attraction Misery Thin line between love and hate You wonder could it happen....? Well these type of situations happen everyday and they are increasing. Tonight we will discuss... more
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