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nothing but truth

Nothing But The Truth


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Our show talks about issues that involve everyday life that the mainstream media will not speak or give full details about. From love and relationships to black history, politics, civil rights, police brutality, and injustices throughout the land. Are you tired of the same old news that really does not give any news but just straight lies? Are you fed up with listening to the issues that do not reflect your community and the issues revolving around your community, if you say yes then you are at the right place. At nothing but the truth we are going to give you truthful knowledge and news so you can have the facts you need to have for empowerment and true freedom from the chains of society that lingers you from having true knowledge of ones self and how to change the game around in your favor.

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You know the story the poor keeps getting poorer and the rich keep on getting richer. In the year of 2012 it seems to be much worst then before with the war on the middle class. Listen to the real reason why it is an increase in... more

This show will talk about the concept behind one night stands and reason why it is quite alright to have them as often as you can .

This show will talk about the reason behind America displaying negative black male sterotypes 24/7. Listen up on why and how this is done and how we can change the game up on the ones who want to keep black americas down... more

In 2008 President Barack Obama carry nearly 100% of the black vote. In the year 2012 It is sounding like another story. Listen to real reason why the so call black vote seems to be not as strong as it was in 2008.

Interview with the guest Barry Eva. We will talk about how to love someone the right way and his latest E-book, The Bathroom Romance - Book 1. Do not miss out on this show.

Obesity in America is not a rising problem but a current epidemic that the new generation is facing. Kids are now being diagonosis with health problems that a older adult might face later on in life. Special guest health expert Wendy Sailor... more

talking about money facts.

Listen up on why it is hard for men to commit to a woman when it comes to marriage.

Its been told by experts that black women should stay single if they can not find that man they want. Evening when they pass the age of 30. Why is that? Is that right or wrong? Listen up to this show to find out?

racism still alive in american? you make the call when i discuss past present and future events that involves race.
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