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This is the voice of the Kala Nation.We are an African-American unity movement dedicated to a new cultural,moral,and spiritual revival.

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Tonight we will rant about anything you want.Call in.Do you want to hear me rip into Sarge?It is my job to clown Black Conservatives and shoe shine Negroes.Trayvon case are we second class citizens getting second class... more

What is being "othered"This is a term meaning not like the rest.Since the dawning of civilization rulers used this methodology to disenfranchise groups and separate them from the mainstream.In America the Black community is a victim... more

Tonight we will discuss just where are the most beautiful women of African heritage?Are they South Africans?Nigerians?Liberians?Angolans?African Americans?This debate has been raging for a few years now it has come to... more

Tonight we have the honor of having the distinguished guest in Kala Land.His name is Robert Rosenthall CEO of the Rosenthall Business group.He will be on to discuss investing in Africa.He will also share his knowledge of hedge funds and... more

Tonight we will talk about the cowardly attempt at all angles to silence Black men into submission.It seems the enemies of our people will hide behind law and order and the fact they control the means to a living of most Black men.In our 9 to 5... more

Tonight we will discuss the growth of the White Trash mentality in America.It seems that many White people are falling to their lowest level.Ignorance and and paranoia is the rule of the day.It is now to the point where the White entitlement... more

Tonight we are back off hiatus.It is time for us to talk about the news and views of the day.The defining tragedy is the Trevon Martin case.This brutal killing soon to be a murder shocked the world.The right wing is coming out... more

Tonight we will talk about American Icons,heroes and other figures of popular culture.John Wayne was once the greatest American icon but did you know he was a racist?Was Elvis really the hero some say he was?Was Ronald... more

In continuing with last nights episode we will continue this talk about Farrakhans prediction of Obama's assassination.We will also talk about White people posing as missionaries in Liberia stirring up differences between Black people.Why... more

Tonight I will rant on several points.Continuing my common sense approach to Pan Africanism and Black culture.Minister Farrakhan predicts Obama's assassination.He hates Obama but wants to put in on White racist.Is this a... more
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