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This is the voice of the Kala Nation.We are an African-American unity movement dedicated to a new cultural,moral,and spiritual revival.

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Hello brothers and sisters,you friend Kalagenesis is back with another exciting episode of the Sunday Night Sermon..Reverend Kalagenesis will be preaching the gospel of Land Infrastructure and Nationhood as commanded by God... more

When are the Captain American Negroes going to make a move towards making America work for them?They are against the idea of an Afrikstan a Nation for Black people but they not had much success in their American Dream.Mr... more

RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight is the Open Rant,This is where you pick the topic and express your opinion.The ratings of the VOK Show is off the hook.People are tuning back in.I will rant about this tonight.We almost saw... more

What I have always noticed is when looking at other cultures there is always a clear definition or line of demarcation between what or who is good,and what or who is evil.Good eventually triumps over evil.Justice prevails.It has been 400... more

Tonight we will lose control to gain control.Tonight it is no hold barred commentary.If you have something or someone you want to rant about go for it.I have a few things I want to rant about.1800 RENT A COON Needs to be put out... more

Tonight the Voice of the Kala Nation will talk about the current political state of our community.In researching this show,I found some interesting things out.For one the idea of being American to our ancestors was as foreign as being... more

Tonight I want people to call in and express themselves.What is on your mind?I have a lot on my mind.George Zimmerman,Ferguson,Police,gangs,coons ect.What do you think.Lets lose control to gain control in Kalaland

Tonight will be a warm of for what is going to be a dynamic month.The BAIO Crew and friends will carry out a mission to spread the gospel of LIN LAND INFRASTRUCTURE and NATIONHOOD to the misled masses.With mouths... more

Tonight we will have a Tuesday night sermon.I will discuss the NAACP Image awards and some of the controversies.And how through clever manipulation we are corralled back on to the American Plantation.While I will give praise where... more
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