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Awake and Aware!


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This is a show that is here to help awaken the masses using the higher vibrations of Love and awareness of "reality" in one Infintie Consciousness.

On-Demand Episodes

This show will be on Project Blue Beam and how it will be used in conjuction with HAARP and Chemtrails to produce holographic images in the atmosphere, that some theorize could produce an illusion of a fake alien attack to push the global... more

This show will be on chemtrails, otherwise known as atmospheric spraying or geo-engineering.....the spraying of barium, aluminum, and other chemicals into the atmosphere.

This show will be about HAARP and similar electromagnetic weapons that can alter cloud formation, change jet streams, charge fault lines to create earthquakes, affect thoughts and emotions, and possibly be a tool to attempt to stop the... more

This show will be on the fraud of the legal system, how they are revenue generating institutions for the bankrupt Corporation of The United States, the difference between a statute and a law, sovereignty, and the difference... more

This show will be in reference to the Medical Mafia and Big Pharma, which are systems of sickness and not systems of health. They profit off of human suffering while suppressing cures. It is time to take out health back!

This show will be dedicated to this awakening period we are currently going through and how the manipulators are attempting with desperation to stop it from occurring. We are seeing through the illusions and beginning to tap into higher... more