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Awake and Aware!


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This is a show that is here to help awaken the masses using the higher vibrations of Love and awareness of "reality" in one Infintie Consciousness.

On-Demand Episodes

This show will be on the documentaries The Collective Evolution and the Collective Evolution II. The Collective Evolution team will be interviewed throughout this show, with them discussing what I felt was a brilliantly put... more

This show will be on the benefits of raw milk on both health and neurological functioning, as well as how it was a form of "medication" not so long ago. This show will also go into how it is now being demonized due to the influences of... more

This show will be on how the corporate media propaganda is a gigantic tool used to implant beliefs into the watcher and listener, in turn altering perceptions of "reality", the self, and global events. It is a massive mind control tool that... more

This show will be on the history of False Flag Operations where governemnts and/or groups/organizations will attack something, like a terrorist attack, and blame it on another nation or group for an excuse to be able to attack this very... more

This show will be on the corporation of Monsanto, how their genetically modified food is not only causing cancer, neurological problems, and sterility...but also used to genetically modify us. This will also go into how Monsanto's ultimate... more

This will be an open show discussing the necessity to take a break from all of this once in a while in order to regroup and balance the self. I would appreciate all call-ins with this one, for we all need to step back once in a while to regain... more

This show will be on how we have been indoctrinated from birth into a system of thought that imprisons us in our own minds while implanting false belief systems, in turn altering perceptions of the self and the world around. This show... more

This show will be on how the false war on terrorism is being used to push corporate Zionist agenda, fulfilling Eugenecists agenda, sacrificing soldiers (related to ancient symbols), stealing of natural resources, drug trafficking, and... more

This show will go into the state child stealing using their tools of Social Services and CPS and the eventual agenda to have all parental rights terminated, having all children raised in government ran dormatory type settings. This show will... more

This show will be the second part of last week's show on the enslavement tool of money, how it is used to not only enslave the masses by controlling all they do with worthless paper or digits on a computer screen, but also on how the... more