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Awake and Aware!


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This is a show that is here to help awaken the masses using the higher vibrations of Love and awareness of "reality" in one Infintie Consciousness.

On-Demand Episodes

This show will be on the enslavement tool of money, how it is used to not only enslave the masses by controlling all they do by worthless paper and digits on a computer screen, but how the Rothschild family enslaved most nations with debt... more

This show will be on the manipulated ancient knowledge that got turned into religions that implant fear, confuses its' followers, massively controls them, and systematically separates us from us. Religions have destroyed spirituality to... more

This show will be about the ancient history of Reptilians, "the gods", and demons...and how they are one in the same just under different names. We will go over various ancient cultures and their descriptions of them and the names... more

This is the second part of last week's show on Opening The Mind, Breaking The Illusions. I got cut off last week while discussing Ascensions Symptoms, so this show will be based on this, as well as methods to change the projection of this... more

This show will be on various methods of opening the pineal gland, in turn opening the mind to higher levels of consciousness while increasing the natural vibrational state. This is essential in order to broaden perceptions and break... more

This show will be on the Rothschild (Red Shield) family and how they are at the tip of the pyramid manipulating things in this dimension. This show will also go into their use of their creations of Zionism, Israel, the central banks that... more

This show will be on the history of Osama bin Laden, his connection to the CIA under the name of Tim Osman, the fake "terrorist" group (CIA database) of al Qaeda, and how he has probably been dead for some time now and why they... more

I am going to switch gears with this coming show on In-Fighting due to the childish and illogical conflicts going on within this so-called Truth Movement. This show will be on labeling of the self, being followers instead of leaders, falling for... more

This show will be on the neurotoxic poisonous vaccines that are pumped into many of us and our children under the guise of health, which it is a huge scam by Big Pharma and the Medical Mafia as arms to push the desperate attempt of... more

This show will be on the neurotoxic poison fluoride, how it is a toxic waste product, the first water supply that was fluoridated, how it calcifies the pineal gland, as well as various other attacks on the physical, psychological, energetic,... more