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Human Connection High Tech World

Human Connection: High Tech World


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Mark, a licensed clinical social worker, and Dustin, a computer programmer, to explore the implications of technology, and its impact on human interaction.

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Nearly 1/4 of all teens report having been or being cyber-bullied, that is, beng subjected to aggressive actions by one or more students. (We are not focusing on workplace bullying, though clearly this too is a growing concern with parallel... more

Heavy users of Facebook, especially among the younger generations, may be susceptible to depression, low self-esteem, and bitter jealousy. Why might this be so? Perhaps for too many, social media is really "Social Comparison Media."... more

In a world that's going MA&DD with Media Addiction & Digital Distraction, it's not surpising that people are starting to recognize, especially those leaders of Silicon Valley, that having your head in a cloud 24-7 can de destructive to... more

The Gaming World: Fun, Fantasy, or Fixation 97% of kids between 5-18 play video games. More 2-5 year olds know how to work smart phone applications than can tie their shoes. Is it a surprise when we discover the numbers of... more

Two twelve year old-girls, from suburban Wisconsin, enthralled with the fictional Internet character, Slender Man, wanting to be worthy of his esteem, engage in a ritual sacrifice of a close friend. Fortunately, miraculously, the friend was not... more

Does texting take away from talking? Does technology alone infringe on our ability to form human connections? Join us as we explore these questions in an attempt to continue preserving human touch in a high tech world.