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The Eerie Late Night Radio Show

The Eerie Late Night Radio Show


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Mr. Maniacal , The Halloweens Jack and Jacqueline and The Bone Jangler talk all things eerie and horrible with special guests in the Horror and Horror Hosting field.

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We are thrilled to welcome back legendary Cleveland Horror Host and Horror Host Hall of Fame inductee, Drac back to the Eerie Late Night. Drac has seen a resurgence with his Hall of Fame induction, his wonderful Facebook group, his convention appearances and two nostalgic Monster Channel specials. You can't keep a good vampire down and to prove this, Drac returned tonight with a brand new special called "Transylvainia Tonight" and he did not come alone. This special marked the first appearance of his lovely companion, Countess Cartia. Tonight we'll talk about his return and what exactly withdrew the stake from his heart, plus what the future holds. You'll want to tune in because when Drac is in the house, you never know what can happen.
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Last week on The Monster Channel, we had the epic collaboration between Horror Host Hall of Fame inductee, Drac and Slash on Slash's Graveyard Tales. This week we have the demonic duo join us on The eerie Late Night... more

We continue our tribute to Ron Sweed this week, as we once again welcome "Ghoul Show" director John "Socko" Basso to The Eerie Late Night. Last year we had John on as a guest and he had so many wonderful stories to tell us,... more

Tonight, on The Eerie Late Night Radio Show we continue our tribute to Ron Sweed a.k.a The Ghoul with returning guest, director, editor of The Ghoul Show, and close friend of Ron's, John "Basso Socko" Basso Jr. When the "The Ghoul... more

This past Monday we received the devastatingly bad news that we lost a legend. Not only a legend of Cleveland and Detroit television, but a legend in the Horror Host world. Ron Sweed came from and was an intricate part of the Ghoulardi... more

It was a Saturday night, May 10, 1958 to be exact, that "Shock Theater? debuted and unleashed Horror Host Count Gregore on the population of Oklahoma. But the powers that be at TV station WKY-TV, didn't realize what a monster... more

Ohio has always been considered the "hub" of Horror Hosts. The list of Hosts that this state has produced is amazing. Ghoulardi, Hoollihan, Big Chuck and Lil John, The Cool Ghoul, A Ghastlee Ghoul, The Ghoul, The Son of Ghoul, Baron Von... more

He was one half of what many feel was the greatest comedy team of all time. Their first feature length film "Buck Privates" earned over 10 million dollars, which was a record for Universal Pictures. As a matter of fact, it was reported that... more

As we grow old, we find ourselves looking back more and more often on our childhood and the great memories we had growing up. This happens more so as time passes and we lose our childhood heroes. If you were a child of the... more

We don't know where he came from, or when he arrived among us. but to entertain the foolish mortals need to have a pinpoint or a moment we can celebrate, he picked the day of February 18 as his Incarnation Day. And we are... more

It was a night in 1971, when a spooky figure by the name of M.T. Graves debuted on a local station in Paducah , Kentucky. It was a day that would live in Horror Host History because from that humble beginning, one of the most iconic Horror... more