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    Test Mania: The History Behind the Public Obsession Over Standardized Tests

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    Standardized testing is one of the most contentious topics in U.S. education, placing schools under a steadfast academic microscope. Media coverage of high-stakes standardized testing starting with the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation in 2002 placed education assessment in the public discourse. For educators and government leaders to validate standardized testing, the media has been used as a broker to create a myth of failure in America’s schools. The culture of neoliberalism positions testing as a common yardstick for measuring student achievement. However, how did newspapers cover the topic of standardized tests? This episode will offer historical perspectives of education news reporting into the American comprehension of assessment.

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    Celebrating Promise Christian University's 17th Anniversary

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    World for Jesus International Ministries is the covering for Promise Christian University, College and Seminary.  This school was starting in
    1997 as Valley International Christian Seminary until 2002 when it was officially incorporated as Promise Christian University.
    Since that time over 500 students from churches that belong to the Pastors Network of Southern California have sent their pastors and leaders to Promise
    to complete their degrees in Ministry, Religious Studies and Theology.  Promise Christian University is a religious exempt school operating within the guidelines provided by the State of California Department of Education.
    Our curriculum is all ministry related.  Missions, Evangelism, Pastoral Ministry, Pastoral and Christian Counseling, Chaplaincy, Worship and of course Biblical Studies in the Old and New Testament.  We are also very proud of the fact that many of our students have gone on to accomplish great things for the Lord such as become a published author, an international speaker, volunteer military chaplaincy service, hosptial chaplaincy, and of course 
    teachers and preachers within their churches.

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    Organic! Health Fad or Health Food?

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    Welcome to the Podcast! 
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