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  • The News and Finding What Matters on I Am Liberty

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    The News and Finding What Matters! I Am Liberty! Wednesdays on Prepper Broadcasting 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/
    Can we have a moment of complete and total honesty? There is too much news. There is simply too much news. No one is capable of the input. Much of the news out there isn’t much news at all. In many cases it’s a collection of stories about things we feel obligated to care about. Much of it we don’t and our mind knows the difference. Just think about the news you absorb versus your level of retention. How do you feel about what you read in the last week. Could you name 5 “news stories” that you read? There are sites out there, however, shooting out the news that you are interested in. Its not always easy to find them.
    Luckily for you Wednesday on the I AM Liberty show we are going to have the curator of one such site. Future Dan is the man behind the website Future Danger and has taken news aggregation for preppers and patriots to a whole new level... Read More HERE!
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  • The Mocha Rich Report

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    Indigenous Afro Americans have been at relationship odds since integration.  The Afro-American men and women were once allies, we are now adversaries, brought on by a number of factors, including integration, feminism, affirmative action, welfare, the gay agenda and even Hip Hop.  The relationship disconnect between the sexes has left a void that will impact us for decades and even centuries to come if we don’t address this issue with serious dialogue right now.  Chime in with hosts Niecey LaShelle aka ‘Mocha Masseuse’ and Gabriel Rich and share your thoughts.  Join us Wednesday as we explore what’s wrong with Indigenous Love and Relationships, how did we get this way and what we can do to change it.  

  • Ep. 176 Round Table Report for 24 Aug 2016

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    Tonight is the Round Table Report (RTR).  For new listeners the RTR is when you listeners call in and determine what I and Terry discuss.  Our call in number is 516-453-9389.  A listener update for tonight is that we are hovering between 7000-8000 listeners per month and over 80,000 downloads.  This is only possible because Contra Radio Network has intelligent listeners and have spread the word.  For that I humbly thank you.  On another note, I have noticed that many times preppers and patriots begin listening to an episode but quickly tune out.  I want to tell you that just because I start on a particular topic, does not mean we end on that topic.  More times than not, callers and chat room guests change the direction of the discussion to something else.  You see when I prep for a show, I have to determine a topic beforehand, before the show even begins.  Well I might start on that topic, but rarely does the show end on that topic.  Many times the callers want to discuss different aspects of prepping and being a patriot, so not only do we get questions, but the discussion ranges from survival skills to political commentary.  So I urge all listeners to stick with the show to the end !!!!  Do not forget that CRN is giving away a 5 day Wise Food survival backpack.  To enter send your name and contact info to contraradio@live.com  The winner will be announced on Sept 18. 2016.  If you really like what I am doing on CRN, please consider a donation to the show at Patreon.com.  If you wish visit our fb page

  • Hour Of Purpose

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    Hour of Purpose with Pastor Kwaku Marfo

  • 01:23

    Bombardeo Apocalíptico? Daniel 7:12

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    ¿Sabía usted que la gente indígena de América Latina son algunas de las 12 Tribus de Israel? Examinando, históricamente, los pueblos de América Latina, muchas cuestiones de origen y de la historia pre-colonial se traen para emerger en uno de los asuntos más polémicos de nuestro tiempo moderno. De hecho, durante los siglos 15 a 18 este era el tema más extenso posible investigado de la época. ¿Quiénes son los pueblos antiguos de Las Américas? Obligados por los sucesos actuales de la era, tales como la conquista de cada civilización de todo el continente y las islas y la esclavización de cada una y la importación y venta de esclavos "Africanos", los eruditas principales de Europa y los investigadores antropológicos concluyeron que la gente de Las Américas no era ninguna otra que algunas de las 12 TRIBUS DEL ANTIGUO PUEBLO DE ISRAEL. Esta conclusión se basó en las profecías bíblicas hechas en contra a los antiguos Israelitas si no obedecieran las leyes de Dios entregadas al pueblo por el profeta Moisés. El objetivo de este sitio es de convencer al visitante, por medio de las emisiones de nuestro programa, "APOCALIPSIS AFRO-LATINO", en que utilizamos la lectura de la SANTA BIBLIA como la fuente informativa principal, que la gente hoy día conocida como "Latino-Americanos", "Indígenas", "Indios", "Morenos", "Negros", "Caribeños", etc. son la descendencia de LAS 12 TRIBUS DEL ANTIGUO PUEBLO DE ISRAEL

  • Kim Kamala Ekman - On Her New Book: So What Can I Do?

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    Kim is an editor, a mother of three and a Yoga teacher. She is also the partner of Ole Dammegard.
    For this discussion Kim talks to us about her recently released book “So What Can I Do?” where she presents 14 questions to eight critical thinkers in the alternative research movement to obtain their insights on what’s going on in the world… and how any one of us can help humanity to unshackle from the matrix.
    For the book Kim interviewed Ken O’Keefe, Zen Gardner, Kerry Cassidy, Kevin Barrett, David Icke, Cynthia McKinney, Sofia Smallstorm and Ole Dammegard.
    Buy Kim's Book at Amazon.com: http://tinyurl.com/z5u9c47

  • The Knowledge Suite: Exploding More New Testament Lies

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    Shalom, All Praise, Honor, And Glory be unto THE MOST HIGH YHWH forever and ever.
    We are all blessed to be in a position to hear and share the WORDS of the true and living CREATOR YHWH. After all, we are still in the land of the living. This program is dedicated to THE MOST HIGH YHWH, HIS Son YIsraEL, and to the people of the nations that desire truth. The entire earth has been under the tyranny of Roman rule for quite some time. This compilation of Roman canal writings known as the new testament has been shoved down our throats for centuries. Now that the seals of our book known as the"Old Testament" have been opened, we can go in and explode this book of lies and deception known as the new testament. We are going to do this in a series of lectures starting tonight in The Knowledge Suite. May YHWH bless your understanding! Shalom!


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    Three North Carolina teachers worked together as a team via The Center for Teaching Qualitycontemplating these issues. Educators Karyn Dickerson, Joanna Schimizzi and Ben Owens are our guests.

  • The Free American

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    Are Zionists Taking the Entire USA Down? The Zionist enemy knows, because they declared it, but most of us “Goyim” are still fast asleep. It’s not necessarily a war with cannon and bullets, but our people still get killed. They poison and kill us in all sorts of “creative” manners, fluoride, vaccination, GMO, chemtrails, dangerous pesticides, climate engineering, just to name a few. And last, but not least, there is the medical-pharmaceutical industry, which – for generations already – is firmly in Zionist hands.
        They kill us with the “side-effects” of their “mainstream” medications, which are about as “unwanted” as “collateral damage” in one of those countless ZioMerican wars, and just an opportunity for another Zionist to sell us more drugs. It’s obvious that the Zionists want to kill or enslave us all.     That has been their stated goal for thousands of years.      When a resourceful “Goyim”, like Henry Ford, Adolf Hitler, Clay Douglas and countless others, wakes up to their machinations, they do everything in their power to destroy him. They don’t always kill him right away.       They first isolate, ostracise and economically destroy him, before they – if necessary – take it to the next level and imprison or even kill him. However they always do whatever it takes to stop him, even if it means, as it was the case in Libya and Germany, taking his entire country and people down with him.
    CRD Publishing PO Box 144 Big Spring, TX 79721


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    ?Edgenuity , experts in K-12 digital curriculum, recently did this survey and  to go over the results we have invited  their VP Leslie Sobon  and their Curriculum Solutions Supervisor, Kristen Pittman

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